Teachers School Colleges All India Data List Directory Database 5 Lakh



You can instantly download the list of  Teachers School Colleges, in excel format. Providing you very useful data of Teachers School Colleges. This includes all Teachers School Colleges in India.

The business data directory is the best thing in today’s business world. If you are searching for buyers, then this database is the right tool for you. By being the right business lead, you will be able to quickly communicate with prospective businesses, partners and customers through this list of Teachers School Colleges in India.

This online web business directory includes all firms in the sector. The information in the list is very reliable. The list contains information about the advocate/ firm name, address, city, state, phone / mobile number, e-mail ID, website etc.

All data are completely authentic. We get data through internet and other mediums in India. Our team also get data from various professional events. Apart from all these, we also get information from other real sources. As a result, you will get completely useful data of Teachers School Colleges engaged in this industry. Therefore, this data can be very useful for business people engaged in this industry. Thus, if you are looking for this kind of information then it is best suited for you. And we are making this data available at a very reasonable cost.

The business data directory of the industry contains the following information. 

City No. of Teachers School / College  Name Email Mobile No.
Bangalore 100163 100163 100157 98732
Chennai 100347 100340 100335
Delhi NCR 42438 41419 42438
Other Cities 1 24798 24798 2387 24798
Other Cities 2 193858 193858 71028 188788
Other Cities 3 101928 101528 101928
Total 563532 562113 173572 557031

Sources of Information

We get information from following sources.

  • Information is taken from internet.
  • Online Website Portal of Central and State Government.
  • Directories of Various Industrial Association
  • White and yellow pages telephone directory
  • Local business listing website directory 
  • List of Exhibitions Visitors
  • Various Business to Business Portal
  • Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)
    Official Website

Format of Teachers School Colleges Database List

You will get the data in MS Excel worksheet. Which you can use easily. You can also filter the information according to your need. You will be able to access the data easily according to the city and state. In addition, the data are well in MS Excel worksheet. Additionally you can easily convert the list to PDF format.

Information in the database directory list

The data list has the following information.

  1. Name of Business / Company Name
  2. Full Address with City,
  3. Pin Code,
  4. State
  5. Mobile No. and Phone Number
  6. E-mail Ids / Website
  7. Products/Services and Business Details
Uses of Information

You can use this information in following ways.

  • Business promotion
  • Contact for the purchase and sale of goods and Machinery
  • SMS Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Tele Marketing
  • Other Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Sales
  • Development of New Dealers / Distributors Network
  • Information about the competitor
  • Search Employees
  • Other purpose
Accuracy of Data

However, data was taken very carefully. But 100% accuracy cannot be claimed. But data accuracy can be considered to be around 80%.

How to Download Data

Firstly, Add to Basket.

   Secondly, Click on Checkout Button on top right corner and then Proceed to checkout.

Thirdly, Fill Up the Request Form and place order, thereafter, make a payment.

    Fourthly, Subsequent to Making Successful Payment, You Will Get Instant Data      Link To Download, same time for Instant Download.

We will also send an additional link to your email from which data can also be downloaded.

Use of data given in the directory

The activity given below can be done through this data. Information about them can be found in this list. The information given in the directory can be filtered as per your convenience.

  • Search Teachers School Colleges by name.
  • Teachers School Colleges directory data base
  • Teachers School Colleges directory Delhi, Mumbai
  • List of Teachers School Colleges in India
  • Database list in excel instant download

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