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Menthaarvensis, often known as corn mint, field mint, Japanese mint, or wild mint, is a blooming mint species. It is endemic to moderate parts of Europe, western and central Asia, the Himalayas, eastern Siberia, and North America.

Corn Mint is an annual herbaceous plant that grows to a height of 10–60 cm (3.9–23.6 in) and occasionally to 100 cm (39 in). It grows upright or semi-sprawling squarish stems from a spreading rootstock. The leaves are basic, hairy, and have a coarsely serrated border. They are in different sets, 2–6.5 cm (0.79–2.56 in) lengthy and 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) broad.

Flowers are pale purple (sometimes white or pink) and are arranged in whorls near the bottom of the leaves on the stalk. Each flower has a five-lobed hairy calyx, a four-lobed corolla with the topmost lobe bigger than the rest, and four stamens 3 to 4 mm (0.12 to 0.16 in) long. A two-chambered carpel is the fruit.

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Applications And Commercial Potential

Due to its (lower) pricing framework and equivalent grade, India has risen to become the globe’s main and dominating supply of mint oil and menthol, displacing China to a large degree.

Due to growing input costs and labour costs in South China, its development there may dwindle, and as a result, Indian mint may discover a more significant market in the coming years. This could result in a considerable expansion in cultivable land. Mint and mint items are predicted to remain to be in high favor.

Requisite For Infrastructure

  • Land (approx. 1000-1500 sq. ft) (For Oil Extraction)
  • 5 Acres of Land (For Cultivation)
  • Furniture and Fittings for the Office.

Consumables And Raw Resource

  • Corn Mint Saplings
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticides
  • Weedicides
  • Manure
  • Wood.

Agriculture Machinery Requirements:

  1. Tiller
  2. Harvester of Crops
  3. Rainfall cannon
  4. Field Equipment
  5. Pump for water.

Oil Extraction & Filling Machinery

  1. Container for Heating
  2. Condenser
  3. Steam Pipe
  4. Separator
  5. Pump for water
  6. Cooling Tower
  7. Water Storage Tank
  8. Filling Machine
  9. Field Equipment

Key Points Cover in Sample Model Project Report  

Project Report Table of Contents

Sr. No.Particulars
1Purpose of The Document
2Project At A Glance
3Product Introduction
4Uses & Market Potential
5Infrastructure Requirement
6Raw Material And Consumables
7Machine & Equipment For Farming
8Machine & Equipment Oil Extraction &
11Preparation of Field
12Propagation And Planting
13Crop Management
14Crop Rotation
15Crop Harvesting
16Extraction Process
17Project Infrastructure
18Land And Building
20Power And Fuel
21Bank Term Loan And Working Capital
22Licences And Registrations
23Implementation Schedule
24Cash Flow Statement
25Projected Balance Sheet
26Projected Profitability Statement
27Computation of Production
28Computation of Working Capital Requirement
30Repayment Schedule of Term Loan
31Calculation of D.S.C.R
32Computation of Sale
34Break Even Point Analysis
35Ratio Financial Indicators
36List of Plant & Machinery

Apart from this, all the information is being provided. To help in preparing project reports.

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Sample Project Report Format

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