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Here, our Matchstick Manufacturing Detailed Project Report (DPR) deliver after thorough project analysis, which is created based on deep research and rich in graphics and pictorial view and contain required information or data to fulfill its purpose for Bank loan, Government Sponsored Scheme etc. 


Our report data is up to date and easily impress your lender as these Matchstick Manufacturing Project Report made by Chartered Accountants. Project reports having unbeatable quality, extraordinary project reports, trusted by thousands of people. 


In our reports, you get every micro detail and accurate level of calculation as per the banking guidelines, acceptable to every bank, Non-Banking Financial Company, Government Departments and other financial institutions etc. These reports are very straight forward contain honest descriptions, neat, readable, and to-the-point. Reports are well spaced with titles and subtitles and are free of language errors.


Our report preparation team makes sure that the report is concise and transmits maximum information with minimum words. It guides you to show a roadmap for your business in the longer term. Every bank always has a look at your project report before they lend out any money. It’s important to have a report that’s clear with simple language, easy to understand and one that will offer a real insight into the business ideas that you have.


Matchstick Manufacturing project

Matchsticks are a very handy tool used to fire. They use in the kitchen to light ovens, kerosene stoves and cookers. Another application involves starting a hearth, industrial burners, campfire, or light candles. Matchsticks are made-up of plastic material, wood, or cardboard strips. Matchsticks are wont to start a fire under controlled conditions. They utilize in many homes for starting fires for cooking.

Matches are sell in quantity. There’s the wooden type, which has packed in boxes. And there are paper matches, which have clustered in rows stapled into matchbooks. Because matches have utilized in almost every home and in almost every industrial establishment, the demand for matches is usually high.

Any individual can initiate the matchstick manufacturer on a little scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. Matchsticks are durable consumer products, and therefore, the demand is growing day-by-day.

Stepwise Business Plan guide starting a Matchstick manufacturer

Match production requires wood because of the main staple. The wood has cut-out into fine little sticks, and special chemicals been added to the sticks to make sure security and burning. For inflammation, the edges of the matchbox have the cover with phosphorus and paraffin premix.

If the wood is abundant in your country, then you’ll easily start your match production factory, since the most staple is quickly available.

There are two main types of matches:

  • Safety matches: which can only produce fire when rubbing against the special surface on the matchbox
  • Strike-anywhere matches: can produce fire when rubbing against any frictional surface. Being the commoner type and therefore, the cheaper to supply, the primary type (safety matches) are going to discuss here.

Now, let’s check out the steps involved in starting a match stick production company.

Select a Location

Selecting the right location is extremely critical for this business. You will also get to find an appropriate location for your matchstick production business. It is best to choose a location where potential customers and distributors can easily reach.

Though acquiring the property which will house your business has its advantages, it’s going to not be advisable from the outset, especially if you don’t have many funds on the ground. So, suggested to simply lease the property initially then consider buying later.

Matchstick manufacturing is all about handling hazardous and explosive items. It is recommended to line the unit in an industrial zone. Otherwise, you will be required to submit ‘NOC’ from the neighbors where you are establishing the unit.

Legal Compliances for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Determine the legal pattern of the business. You can start as a sole proprietorship on a small scale with low budget. Obtain ‘consent to establish’ and ‘consent to operate’ permission from the Pollution control panel. It is required to get permission from the fire department. Obtain a factory license from the Govt. department. Concentrate on the safety and fire precaution process. Obtain Goods and Services Tax Registration from Govt. authority.

Machinery and Raw Materials for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Start your production unit through a semi-automatic process. Previously matchstick production was labour-intensive. Now different types of modern machinery are available out there for the production of a matchstick during a semi-automatic or an automatic process. Take the training from the suppliers.

Raw materials are

  1. Potassium chlorate
  2. Sulfur
  3. Starch
  4. Glue
  5. Red phosphorus
  6. Powdered glass
  7. Wood
  8. Thick paper
  9. Colour printer
  10. Packaging paper
  11. Sticker paper

Check their client testimonials before purchase. The main raw material is the wooden stick. Other raw materials are potassium chlorate, Phosphorus sesquisulfide, glue, colour dye, etc. Also, you need to have a matchbox and outer box for packaging. Source the staple from reliable vendors at a reasonable price.

Find suppliers of raw materials.

Aside from wood, which is that the main material utilized in matchstick production, you’ll also need chemicals for processing and flaming, and paper boards for inner and outer packing boxes. Aspen, Poplar, and Pine are the kinds of wood usually used for creating match splints. You will get to decide which sort you’ll be using in your company.

You will also get to find suppliers for these raw materials and make sure that they’re ready to maintain a gentle supply of the materials they provide.

Arrange Finance

If you’re trying to find funds to start your matchstick manufacturer, your business project plan will play a crucial role. After crafting your business plan, the subsequent step is to source funds. Since your business plan will have given your insight into what proportion you would like to start your business, you already skill much to boost.

If you’re unable to boost the start-up capital all by yourself, you’ll get to approach your family and friends, seeking their support. Better yet, you’ll approach angel investors or apply for little business grants or loans.

You need to pitch your business decision to investors. You can visit banks or government agencies.

Marketing of Matchstick Manufacturing Business

As matchsticks are durable consumer products, it demands branding activity to urge the market share. Matchsticks got to sell in volume. The success of this business depends on the network in the market. Start selling locally. Offer your channel partners lucrative business deals.

Chalk out a marketing plan for your business. There are various low-budget marketing ideas for promoting your products. Creating an internet site will surely assist you in providing confidence among customers about your company.

With everything already in situ, you’ll start production. At the same time, you can start marketing your business to potential customers and adopt proven marketing strategies that will quickly spread the word about your chalk production business.

In this business, you need to focus on the quality of the product and the packaging of the product. Establish business tie-up with the retail brands. Ensure the availability of your product at every mercantile establishment within the area you’re doing business.

Packaging of Matchstick Manufacturing Business

In a separate area, matchbox inner and outer portion prepared using cardboard. Cardboard cut, printed, folded and attach using the gum. On one side of box, chemical strip applied automatically using adhesive. Once matchboxes dried, they move to the packaging area. Now finish matches move out of holes using multi toothed wheels.

Thereafter, matches kept in the hopper which counts the number of matches in each box and from hopper dumped in cardboard boxes and this move along a conveyor belt which is located below the hopper. Now, matchboxes moved using another conveyor belt to a machine which groups them in corrugated boxes for shipping.

Quality Inspection in Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Matches constantly monitored for quality control procedure. Chemical proportion weighed exactly to avoid variation in the match composition, and during production, strict safety measures follow.


Project Report Format


In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc.. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations including CMA which is necessary for the Investor/bank.


Key Points Cover in Details Project Report on Matchstick Manufacturing


As mentioned above, Matchstick Manufacturing Detail Project Report (DPR) is a complete package that contains everything that requires getting funds up to 25 Crores (Twenty Five Crores). Checkout our DPR sample to make your vision more clear. Usually, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is needed when you apply for a bank loan or Government scheme. Project Report Bank aims to create the reports accurately from the start and make sure that businessmen get the right value and results from the reports.


The following are the key points we generally covers while making DPR, whichever relevant to your business :- 


  • Introduction to Project and Industry
  • Executive Summary
  • Profile of the business in the country
  • Project Evaluation – Social Angle
  • Analysis of basic variables
  • Socio- Economic Advantage
  • Impact on environment
  • Foreign Trade Income
  • Value addition
  • Import replacement
  • Technology assimilation and so on
  • Present condition of the business
  • Consumer Inclinations
  • Market Prerequisites
  • Market Portions
  • Distribution Channels
  • Market Qualities of the Item
  • Export Possibilities and Global Market
  • Marketing and selling game plans
  • SWOT Analysis

CMA Data – Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data

  • Particulars Of Existing / Proposed Bank Credit Facilities (Form – I)
  • Projected Profitability Statement ( Form – II)
  • Projected Balance Sheet (Form – III)
  • Comparative Operation Statement (Form – IV)
  • Maximum Permissible Bank Finance MPBF – (Form – V)
  • Cash Flow Statement – (Form – VI)

Monetary Projections Details Contains:

  • Cost of Project & Means of Finance
  • Details of Raw Materials 
  • Details of Utilities
  • Human Resources Planning 
  • Technical Manufacturing Business Process
  • Assumptions in monetary projections
  • Projected Sales & Production
  • Cost of Production and Profitability
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • DSCR – Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • BEP – Break Even Point Analysis
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return
  • ISCR – Interest Service Coverage Ratio
  • Calculation of payback period
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Working Notes for Monetary Projections
  • EBIT – Earnings before interest and taxes
  • EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
  • Cash Burn Rate
  • Discounted Cash Inflow & Outflow
  • NPV – Net Present Value
  • Net Worth

Report Size : 40 – 50 Pages,

In which, Financial Projections : 18 – 20 Pages

Get Detail Project Report

Gone are the days waiting at the door of the expert , as a result, get you Matchstick Manufacturing project report in hand, now you can get you business plant in just 7 days.

First Step            –   Click add to basket  >>  Check Out  >>  Payment

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Third Step           –   Get report within 7 days in PDF format. 

Don’t gamble anywhere, if you are serious about your business plan then Project Report bank is the right place to higher for the preparation of your detailed reports.  

To save time, we deliver reports over e-mail in a high-resolution PDF file and also provide hard copy through courier service in a given period. Our one more positive thing is that we provide 3 times free changes to your document post-delivery for up to 6 months and thereafter, on minor charges.


Every financial formula required by the bank is contained in a comprehensive Matchstick Manufacturing project report. To get the sample financial project report on WhatsApp, kindly share your details with our support specialist and get it easily. Also, you can contact our support specialist by just clicking the HELP button on the bottom right corner of this screen. Our project report assistance helps in explaining the features of the reports to make you more clear and understandable on different project reports.


Matchstick Manufacturing business plan

Create a comprehensive business plan for matchstick manufacturer. Determine your business objective and selling strategy. It is suggested to possess a customized project report in hand. It will offer you the right information about the capital investment, machinery, and raw materials needed, and where to source. Get the assembly protocol with the proper formula from a reliable source.

Writing a business plan is that the initiative towards starting a profitable business. A business guide is to the entrepreneur what the compass is to the sailor; it helps you steer your business to success by helping you specialize in the business goals and objectives.

A business plan highlights the profitability of the market, the competition, the entire cost required to start and run the business, and therefore the projected earnings from the business.

A clear Matchstick Manufacturing Project Report  is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. Therefore, you also wish to contemplate some important, like your initial costs, your target market, and how long it’ll see you interrupt even. Also, draft a proper  Matchstick Manufacturing Project Report that describes your expected income, product and repair lines, expansion plans, and other details of your business.  Because, a well-drafted project report will facilitate you in applying for any bank loan. Therefore, you can get a well-draft project report from our website

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to earn more profit in matchstick business? 

Ans. Starting a business from scratch, you need to prepare strategy first and determine objectives for the business and sell targets. To earn good profits, prepare a project report include all information like capital outlay machinery, raw material requirements and the area that needs sourcing.

Q2. Why skilled labour required in matchstick manufacturing business?

Ans. Matchstick business is a semi-automatic process; therefore remaining work is done by labour and for this purpose, skilled labour is perfect, and this also helps in making a profit to the businessman in a long time.

Q3. Which metal is used in matchstick?

There is two metals potassium chlorate, and antimony trichloride is used in the matchstick head preparation. In the rubbing surface area, powdered glass present and a small amount of red phosphorus, which is much less dangerous as compare to white phosphorus.


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