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You can download the Project Report of Gunny Bags Manufacturing by paying a nominal cost. The objective of pre-feasibility is the identification of the project for investment. The document covers various qualities of a startup, marketing, finance, and business management to serve the purpose. Profile documents help prepare project reports for bank loans and other works.

One can start a jute bag making business on a small scale basis. The jute bag manufacturing process is not complicated. Even business is a great income option for students and women.

Jute is a naturally found, cheap, biodegradable fiber product. In starting a business of making jute bags, you have to be careful about the location selection. The easy availability of raw materials is an important factor. The business is also suitable for the northeastern part of India, which includes Assam, Tripura, Nepal, Sikkim, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh.

For an eco – friendly character, the demand for jute yarn, jute fabrics, and other jute item is growing very fast. The production of high value-added and value – final competitive products has developed new techniques for bulk use of jute as a raw material.

Jute fabrics are durable, strong, colorful, lightweight, attractive, and cheaper than most fabrics made of other fibers. These are anti-static, UV protective, carbon dioxide neutral, and natural decomposition possible. Gunny fabrics are superb raw materials for jute bags.

How to download Project Report of Gunny Bags Manufacturing?

Following are the steps to get the project report of the Gunny Bags Manufacturing  Plant.

  • 1st Step: Click Add to Basket  >>  Check Out  >>  Payment.
  • 2nd Step: Immediately after the payment, you can download the report in PDF format.

Uses of and market demand of Jute bags

Jute bags have many uses. Gunny bags are mainly used for packing cement, sand, agricultural products, sugar, and other heavy goods. These bags are ideal for transporting bulk foods such as onions, potatoes, flour rice, and fertilizers.

Apart from these, a colorful decorative jute shopping bag is in great demand. Jute bags are used to carry lunch, letter, textbooks, folders, etc. It is also widely used as an office bag for those who care a lot about the environment and you. Jute bags come in different designs. Various types of small purses made of jute are also very popular for women.

With the increasing population, the scope of trade and industry is also increasing. The bag is an essential item for humans. With the increasing awareness about the environment, pollution has led to a rapid increase in gunny bags demand.

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Where to get technical skills for making jute bags?

You can get training and marketing assistance from two government departments. They are NCJD and JMDC. He has several schemes to support small scale jute bag making industries.

They are providing marketing support to gunny entrepreneurs to sell their products through various trade fairs/exhibitions in the country as well as overseas markets. 

Gunny Bags Making Business Compliance

In starting a business of making gunny bags, determine the ownership pattern of your company. If you want to start as a sole proprietorship or partnership or then it is advisable to be registered as a One Person Company. Otherwise, you can register the entity business as LLP. Pvt. Ltd. Or Ltd. Company.

You must have PAN card, Aadhar card, project report and other basic documents for the license and other permissions to manufacture gunny bags.

Obtain business licenses from local authorities. You have to do GST – Goods and Services Tax registration. You also register for Udyam Registration on MSME Portal. Additionally, you can apply for ISO certification. If you want to focus on the export market, you must apply for the IEC code  (Import Export Code). 

The raw material for making gunny bags

Laminated and non-laminated jute fabrics are both the main raw materials required to make gunny bags. Other essential raw materials are printing gum, dyestuffs, chemicals, and accessories, PVC buckle and sewing thread, hook, lining cloth, eyelet, bamboo sticks, runner, chain, and packing material, labels, etc.

Jute Bag Making Machine and Process

  • In setting up a gunny bag making unit, you will need to install an industrial sewing machine. According to the required sewing pattern and production output, you have to select the right machinery for your business.
  • According to the required sewing pattern and production output, you have to select the right machinery for your business.
  • Lockstitch machine, Side sealing machine, different quality of woven sack cutting machine may feel effective for unit making jute bags.
  • The process of manufacturing jute bags is simple. After purchasing the raw material, you will need to make the appropriate design and pattern. Cut jute cloth to make bags according to drawing, design, and size.
  • Then stitch the cut pieces with a sewing machine. During the bag-making process, you have to fix other consumables such as lining, buckle, chain, runner, fabric handle, bamboo, and can. After completing the total works, pack the bags and ship them to the market for sale.

The detailed process of manufacturing gunny bags project is in our report. You can understand the process better by downloading the report.


In the above article, I hope you may clear few your doubts related to starting the jute business. You can study various aspects of the Gunny Bags manufacturing business by paying the fee and downloading the project report in PDF format.  Use jute bags and jute products as much as possible to stay healthy to turn our lonely planet free from environmental pollution. Cheap, versatile, and climate-friendly, these natural products will make our life on earth lively and bright.

FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I start a jute business?

Consider becoming a wholesaler for a month to become familiar with raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and potential customers. Understand the types of fast-selling jute bags and look for upcoming trends. Once you capture the market potential well, start setting up your production unit. Create a solid business plan by including a description of your objective, financial projections, production times, staffing, location, and marketing strategies. Name your company or start-up.

Q2. Is jute bag profitable?

Jute is also cheaper, so the investment in the business of making jute bags is not very big. From shopping bags to clutch purses for women, they are not only more attractive but also safer. Starting this business on a small scale would be very profitable as it would be for women and young girls alike.

Q3. How is jute made?

Jute fiber comes from the ribbon and stem (outer skin) of the jute plant. The process of resetting involves tying jute stems together and dipping them into slow running water. There are two types: stem and ribbon.

Q4. What is jute?

Jute is a plant-based fiber. Jute fabric is 100% environmentally friendly as it requires minimal chemical treatment before weaving into the fabric, while cotton requires much more chemical treatment.

Q5. Is jute 100% biodegradable?

Yes. Jute is 100% biodegradable and completely eco-friendly.

Q6. How long does a jute bag last?

Approx 4 years.

Q7. Which raw materials are required for the jute bags business?

Jute trade is a trade where the requirement of raw materials is the highest. It is impossible to start this business without raw materials. In the jute trade, firstly, from which area the raw material has to be brought, and the raw material must also be fresh and well-organized so that bags can be manufactured in a good way and easily. Cotton junk, jute rass, fabric color, fabric roll, drawstring are used as raw materials in the jute trade.

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Q8. How much money is required to start a GUNNY bag business IN 2022?

The business of making jute bags is a very cheap and high profitable business. Much of the business of jute is spent on purchasing its machinery. Other expenses come in buying raw materials, marketing methods, and delivering finished goods. If there are workers in the factory, then their salary also has to be paid, so always keep the number of workers in the factory small. The jute business starts at Rs 45,000, but if you do not have Rs 45,000, then the government can provide you cash through a Mudra loan. You get this loan at no risk charge. In this way, you can start a new business and return the money by paying very little interest.

Q9. How to sell our jute bags?

The most important things in which area we sell our bags and where. All know very well that jute bags are used more in the market area. Persons should try more to sell our bags in the market area. Human beings should establish good relations with the shopkeepers of the market area so that we can sell our bags easily. We should keep a fixed price for bags so that there is no problem in negotiating with any shopkeeper. If a good number of bags are purchased by any shopkeeper every year, then we should gift a beautiful and fancy jute luggage bag to that shopkeeper every year, that bag has our company logo on it. By doing such things, the businessman also gets happy and presents a good image of our business.

Q10. Which country in the world uses and manufactures the most jute?

There are only a few countries which manufacture and use the highest number of jute in the whole world, including our country at number one. Bangladesh, China, and Thailand then join this list. India is the only country that produces raw jute on a large scale and exports it all over the world.

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Q11. What kind of weather is required for a jute to be produced?

The information about the weather required for the production of jute is as follows –

  1. First, jute cultivation requires a temperature of up to 25 degrees of the sun.
  2. After that, rain is the most important for jute cultivation, which is necessary to be from 150 cm to 200 cm.
  3. An ideal soil is required for jute cultivation as it can be cultivated only in alluvial soil with loam soil which is available near the river basin for its cultivation.
  4. To make this farming successful, a plain and soft-land are required, it can also be cultivated on less land.

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Subjects covered in the project report of gunny bags

The project report of gunny bag manufacturing covers the following topics.

Sr. No.Particulars
2Market Potential
3Industrial Scenario
4Product Description
5Product Uses
6Product Raw Material
7Manufacturing Process
8Raw Material Procurement
9Production Process
11Flow Chart Of The Process
12Indian Standard
13Project Components
14Land & Building
15Plant & Machinery Detail With Images
16Power Requirement
17Manpower Requirement
18Other Utilities
19Cost Of Project
20Means Of Finance
21Projected Profitability Statement
22Projected Balance Sheet
23Cash Flow Statement
24Calculation Of D.S.C.R
25Production & Yield
26Sales Revenue
27Salary, Wages & Power Requirement
28Working Capital Requirement
29Computation Of Depreciation
30Financial Indicators / Ratio
31Repayment Schedule Of Bank Loan
32Break Even Point Analysis
33License & Approvals
34SWOT Analysis



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