Banana Paper Manufacturing


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Have You Ever Listen About Banana Paper Manufacturing Business – Take A Look!

Banana paper manufacturing business is an eco-friendly business in the agro-processing industry. However, it is an innovative technique and alternative method of manufacturing paper. This technique is used to turn banana waste into commercially usable paper.

Two types of banana paper are generally available. One is to refer to a paper made from the bark of a banana tree, which is used mainly for artistic purposes. Another one is banana paper made from steam or non-used fruits. However, you can process such paper handmade or with machines. Here in this article, we intend to learn about how to set up a banana paper making project with banana paper.

Banana Paper Making Market Opportunities

Banana is one of the most important crops in India. Our country produces bananas in large quantities. However, after fruit harvest, it generates huge amounts of waste. This waste is about 60 to 80 tonnes per tractor of biomass (pseudostem, leaves, suckers, etc.).

Currently, this biomass is discarded as waste. Typically farmers apply labor to cut or uproot pseudo sites and throw them on the side of the road. For this, a farmer will have to invest Rs. 10,000 per acre as labor charge for cutting and removing the plant from the farm. Instead of spending money, they can now earn from their banana waste.

Navsari Agricultural University (NAU) in Gujarat has standardized the process of making high-value paper from banana fiber with a patent registration. The paper has been tested at the Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCT).

Actually, paper made of fiber has a shelf life of over 100 years. Additionally, the banana is the strongest among the long fibers found among natural fibers. Even, you can fold the paper up to 3,000 times. The university has filed five different patents for various uses of the banana plant, including making yarn for textiles, paper, and candy.

Banana Paper Making Plan Setup and Manufacturing Process

Banana paper making involves basic steps such as the purchase of banana stem, material harvesting, pulling (a simple system for using only water), and paper-making. You can get the necessary scientific information, process, machinery, and equipment to convert banana tree trunk to paper using papyrus technology.

The roundup process removes the outer layer from the banana tree trunk and prepares the resulting core for subsequent construction operations. Remove the outer layer of the stem of a banana tree using a patented type of single-lath as a constant length of material of constant thickness.

After removing the outer layer from the banana tree trunk, you can use the resulting core in the core veneer process. Core veneer process also uses a type of spindle-lower lathe. However, it differs from the Roundup lathe in that the cutting process is performed with a high degree of accuracy that allows for the production of thin veneers.

The roundup process and core veneer process take place in the beta vending unit. Apart from handmade paper, machine-made banana paper has better revenue in the market. In addition, you can use various semi-automatic and automated industrial machines to produce banana paper. You can produce value-added products such as gift wrappers, envelopes, and stationery items that fetch very high prices.

Banana Paper Making Machine

Apart from handmade paper, machine-made banana paper has better revenue in the market. You can use various semi-automatic and automated industrial machines to produce banana paper.

You can also produce value-added products such as gift wrappers, envelopes, fancy decorative paper, and stationery items that fetch very high prices.

Project Report Format


In our project report format, we cover technology details, its diagrams, flow chart etc.. as and when required or deemed fit to include. Also, prepare in-depth financial calculations including CMA which is necessary for the Investor/bank.


Key Points Cover in Detailed Project Report on Banana Paper Manufacturing


As mentioned above, Banana Paper Manufacturing Detailed Project Report (DPR) is a complete package that contains everything that requires getting funds up to 25 Crores (Twenty Five Crores). Checkout our DPR sample to make your vision more clear. Usually, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is needed when you apply for a bank loan or Government scheme. Project Report Bank aims to create the reports accurately from the start and make sure that businessmen get the right value and results from the reports.


The following are the key points we generally covers while making DPR, whichever relevant to your business :- 


  • Introduction to Project and Industry
  • Executive Summary
  • Profile of the business in the country
  • Project Evaluation – Social Angle
  • Analysis of basic variables
  • Socio- Economic Advantage
  • Impact on environment
  • Foreign Trade Income
  • Value addition
  • Import replacement
  • Technology assimilation and so on
  • Present condition of the business
  • Consumer Inclinations
  • Market Prerequisites
  • Market Portions
  • Distribution Channels
  • Market Qualities of the Item
  • Export Possibilities and Global Market
  • Marketing and selling game plans
  • SWOT Analysis

CMA Data – Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data

  • Particulars Of Existing / Proposed Bank Credit Facilities (Form – I)
  • Projected Profitability Statement ( Form – II)
  • Projected Balance Sheet (Form – III)
  • Comparative Operation Statement (Form – IV)
  • Maximum Permissible Bank Finance MPBF – (Form – V)
  • Cash Flow Statement – (Form – VI)

Monetary Projections Details Contains:

  • Cost of Project & Means of Finance
  • Details of Raw Materials 
  • Details of Utilities
  • Human Resources Planning 
  • Technical Manufacturing Business Process
  • Assumptions in monetary projections
  • Projected Sales & Production
  • Cost of Production and Profitability
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • DSCR – Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • BEP – Break Even Point Analysis
  • IRR – Internal Rate of Return
  • ISCR – Interest Service Coverage Ratio
  • Calculation of payback period
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Working Notes for Monetary Projections
  • EBIT – Earnings before interest and taxes
  • EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
  • Cash Burn Rate
  • Discounted Cash Inflow & Outflow
  • NPV – Net Present Value
  • Net Worth

Report Size : 40 – 50 Pages,

In which, Financial Projections : 18 – 20 Pages

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Banana Paper Making Business Compliance

In starting the Banana paper-making business, you will have to obtain separate licenses and registrations. Check your state rules and norms. Here we have listed some common requirements.

  • Business registration with ROC
  • Get Trade License from Municipal Authority
  • Apply for Industry Udyam Registration
  • Get factory license
  • Get NOC from Pollution Control Board
  • Register Your Brand Name with Trademark
SWOT Analysis


Banana paper demand is high in industrialized purpose or artistic purpose. Banana paper raw material is easily available in the market.


In the banana paper manufacturing business, it is hard to earn even that money that you invest. For starting the banana paper manufacturing business you have to do a lot of government registration which is very hectic and takes a lot of time. Banana paper manufacturing business requires both manmade and machinery capital.


There is not a huge market for banana paper manufacturing business and they can be sold in various industrialized purposes or artistic purposes make a deal with a person who is involved in industrialized or artistic area. For earning more profit you can sell banana paper online like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


To start a banana paper manufacturing business it is almost impossible to earn a good profit. To make your banana paper manufacturing business name in the market you have to do a lot of fight and hard work.


In a banana paper making project, you should consider the location of your unit. Additionally, you should set up the unit near the banana fields. Basically, it helps to cut the transportation cost of raw materials. Banana paper making unit.


How do you make homemade banana paper?

Prepare your fully dried banana skins so that they can be cut into paper pulp first by rough-cutting them and adding them to bits of inch and then rapidly depositing them in a pot of boiling water. Allow the material to soften for about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

How do you make banana fiber paper?

Once the fibers of the plant are removed and dried, they are boiled, sliced, and washed to form the pulp. Local materials can be used to make a simple paper mold and decal, which molds the pulp into sheets of paper. The sheets are then pressed with a vice, dried and repressed to form final paper products.

How do you soften banana fiber?

The softening of the fiber can be done either through softening chemicals or enzymes. The enzymes used for the softening of fibers are pectinase, cellulase, and laccase. Microorganisms are the source for these soft enzymes.

Can you make paper from banana peel?

Banana peels can be used as a raw material in papermaking because of the high concentration of cellulose. The process that causes the fiber surface to grow larger is necessary to tighten the paper fiber.

Can you make paper from leaves?

Generally, long leaves are the best source of fiber. Leaves tear against the grain; The harder they are to tear, the more likely they will be to make good paper. Lily leaves and Iris leaves make strong paper and are easy to process. Bundle the dried leaves completely and then store them.

What is Banana Paper Used for?

Banana paper is used in two different ways: to refer to paper made from the bark of a banana plant, used primarily for artistic purposes, or a paper made of banana fiber, and industrial. From stem and non-usable fruits derived from the process.

What are banana products?

Typically, banana by-products include camouflage, leaves, inflorescence, fruit stalks (floral stalks), rhizomes, and peels. Most of these by-products can serve as a low valuation item with a limited commercial value, application and in some cases, it is considered as an agricultural waste.

How are banana clothes made?

Typically, banana fabrics are made by stripping the sheath of the banana stem and then processing these fibers into yarn. The fibers are dried naturally and then rolled together using a twisting technique.

What does a banana stem contain?

Banana stem like fruit is rich in potassium and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in the production of hemoglobin and insulin. Then, it improves the body’s ability to fight infection. Potassium helps in proper functioning of muscles including heart muscles.

Are bananas high in fiber?

Rich in many important vitamins and minerals, bananas are relatively high in fiber, with a medium banana containing about 3.1 grams of this nutrient.

What is Banana Yarn?

A member of the bast family of fibers, banana is similar to yarn linen. The yarn weaves a little stiffer, but is softer with use. It is a ligno-cellulosic fiber obtained from the stem of a banana plant.

Are banana peels anything good?

Rub a banana peel on your face to brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Rubbing peel on acne scars to help them fade. To treat psoriasis by applying banana peel to the area with psoriasis, relieve itching and moisturize.

What’s bad about bananas?

Bananas are a sweet fruit, so eating too much and maintaining proper dental hygiene practices can cause tooth decay. They also do not have enough fat or protein to be a healthy diet, or an effective post-workout snack. Eating bananas is only risky when you eat a lot.