Agarbatti Project Report



Check out the Agarbatti Project Report for your new agarbatti venture whether it is a small-scale or medium-scale business plan. India is a big Agarbatti-producing country in the world. It supplies Agarbatti to many states of India where it is not manufactured and also to the foreign market. Yes, Agarbatti has captured the international market as well because of its aroma. The Indians who live in foreign countries also use them.

India being the leading producer of Agarbatti fulfils the world’s requirement of more than half the number. Thus Indians have a good opportunity to start the Agarbatti business and sell them online too. You can grow in this industry and start your business. The government of India has tried to bridge the gaps in business by providing financial assistance and support of MSME.


The main challenges in this business are the raw material. Yes, charcoal, joss powder etc. You may face problem to arrange it.


You have the opportunity to start export business of agarbatti and capture international market. You have great market potential. There is wide scope of research and development and innovation in this business. It will expand the domestic market of the country and provide opportunity to raw material suppliers as well to increase their business.

Agarbatti Project Report

You can download the Project Report of Agarbatti Business in PDF format here.

Agarbatti is a popular household item that has a lot of potential in the market. In India, the practice of burning incense sticks or incense has been practiced since ancient times.

Agarbatti is an aromatic powder or paste burnt as an aromatic scent in Indian homes and is reputed for its pesticide and antiseptic properties. The burning time takes by incense sticks varies from 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the quality and size.

Incense Sticks Business Plan in India

You can start a business of making incense sticks or incense sticks from home or as a small scale manufacturing unit.

Incense sticks are used by Indians living in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and abroad. To date, about 90 foreign countries are using incense sticks. Agarbatti is in demand throughout the year, and it grows during the festive season.

Agarbatti or incense manufacturing business is recognized as an export-oriented industry. It is one of the items considered to boost exports. Due to the low technology required in this industry, the business of manufacturing incense sticks can be started with simple machinery and moderate capital investment.

Objective of the Agarbatti Project Report

The objective of the project report is to guide the new potential entrepreneur in the field of Agarbatti manufacturing. Reports help make investment decisions in agarbatti manufacturing projects. Agarbatti report format helps prepare project reports for bank loans and other works. To increase the production of Agarbatti in local areas so that more employment opportunities can be generated. 

Find step-by-step on how to start an incense sticks business.

How To Register Your Agarbatti manufacturing Business 

  • In starting the business of making incense sticks, you must first register your business with ROC (Register of Companies). If you are starting with less capital, start as a Sole proprietorship or Partnership or LLP. However, if you want to start big and are looking for funds, then it is better to choose a private limited company as it will provide confidence to the investors, and can easily get other necessary licenses and permits as well.
  • Apply for an agarbatti trade license from the local authority. Get a Business PAN Card. Open a current bank account.
  • Additionally, apply for online for Udyam Registration. You will also have to apply for ‘consent for installation’ from the Pollution Control Board. Get GST registration as soon as possible.

To apply for a license to manufacture agarbatti, you must have Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Project Report, and other fundamental documents. 

The raw material for making incense sticks

The main raw materials for incense sticks are bamboo sticks and various powders. By size, you will need to buy sticks. Also, you can produce sticks in your work by having a stick making machine. Other ingredients are Jigar powder, Charcoal Dust, Nargis Powder, Wood Incense Powder, Joss Powder, and many essential oils.

According to fragrance wise, you need to choose the right formula. Pay attention to the packaging. An aromatic lock packaging system is important in making incense sticks. Since you will be using the bamboo stick as raw magterial for agarbatti business, why don’t you start bamboo stick manufacturing business so that your cost becomes low. Here is the detail for bamboo stick manufacturing business plan

PMEGP Loan For Agarbatti Business

The KVIC that helps to set village industries on priority provides loan or financial assistancwe to the entrepreneurs and provides them subsidy as well. The state Khadi and Boards provide subsidy loans to the entrepreneurs in India.

Agarbatti Making Machinery

According to the desired output, entrepreneurs have to choose the right machinery for the business of making incense sticks. As far as the feasibility of the project is concerned, choosing the right machinery is one of the most important deciding factors. The business of making incense sticks is profitable, and various types of machinery are available in the market. The project report contains detailed information and pictures of machines for the manufacturing of agarbatti.

There are broadly three types of agarbatti making machines available. They are manual, automatic, and high-speed automatic agarbatti manufacturing machines. Apart from these, you can also consider buying incense sticks raw material mixer machine and drier to get better production output.

Manual Incense Making Machines

The manual agarbatti making machine is a very easy operating machine with high output, low price, durable, superior quality, which does not require any power. It is easy to maintain at a very affordable price. You can make more quantity and better quality incense sticks from these machines. 

Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine

High volume output is a perfect option for achieving more uniform output with an automated machine. These machines are available in attractive patterns, designs, and sizes as per exact requirements. With this type of machine, you will get an output of 150–180 sticks/min. Both round and square sticks may be used. Typically, these machines run on electricity. And this type of machine demands a dedicated person to continuously feed the machine with bamboo poles.

High-Speed  Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine

Different types of agarbatti drier are available with different models. Drying machines used in commercial production hardly cost 4-5 / kg. You will get a production output of 160 kg / 8 hours.

Powder mixer machine for making incense sticks

In starting a commercial large-scale agarbatti business, you may consider having a powder mixer or blender machine to achieve the same mixing quality with low labor input. These machines are normally capable of mixing two types of powders that can be both wet and dry powders. These machines are typically custom available in various sizes, shapes and capacities. Production capacity normally varies from 10kg-20kg / 10min.

Manufacturing Process Of Agarbatti 

There are mainly two types of incense sticks commercially manufactured. One is aromatic incense sticks, and the other is spice incense sticks. In the manufacture of aromatic incense sticks powder of charcoal, gigantic, white chips, etc., a semi-solid paste is made by mixing it with water. This property is taken on a wooden plank and is rolled by hand with an automatic incense sticks machine.

Finally, the raw rods are dipped in an appropriate aromatic compound diluted with other solvents such as white oil or diethyl phthalate (DEP) and dried and packed.

How to sell incense sticks

If you are a beginner to enter the market afresh with a small promotional budget, then focus on selling incense sticks items in your vicinity. You can sell incense sticks locally.

Find a place near a temple or religious place and set up temporary kiosks. Fix banners and distribute flyers and sell them from the stall. You can also sell your goods online at places like Amazon. You can also cater to a wider audience by creating online stores and selling online.

How to Download Incense sticks Agarbatti Project Report

You have the option to download the project report of incense sticks agarbatti manufacturing quickly. Report charges are very low. You can download the project report in PDF format immediately after payment. If you want to enter into the aroma or insence stick business, i suggest you to start dhoop batti business also as the investment is not much in this business. Check out important details in Dhupbatti Manufacturing Project Report

Contents Of Agarbatti Business Project Report

The project report of agarbatti manufacturing covers the following topics.

Sr. No.Particulars
2Market Potential
3Industrial Scenerio
4Product Description
5Product Uses
6Raw Material Requirement
7Manufacturing Process
8Project Components
9Land /Civil Work
10Plant & Machinery Detail With Images
11Misc. Assets
12Power Requirement
13Manpower Requirement
14Other Utilities
15License & Approvals
17Cost of Project
18Means of Finance
19Projected Balance Sheet
20Projected Profitability Statement
21Cash Flow Statement
22Calculation of D.S.C.R
23Computation of Production
24Computation of Sale
25Break Up of Labour Charges
26Break Up of Staff Salary Charges
27Utility Charges
28Assessment of Working Capital Requirement
30Computation of Depreciation
31Repayment Schedule of Bank Loan
32Financial Indicators
33G.P. Ratio With Chart
34N.P. Ratio With Chart
Conclusion Of Agarbatti Project Report PDF

In this above article, I hope you well understood all about the agarbatti business. If the agarbatti making business idea is trending, and it is easy to get started, all you need is dedication. The market is open to a huge customer base so that you can start with your capacity as per your demand and supply. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Agarbatti Project Report

Is agarbatti business profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. You can easily make 1000-1500 Rs. Daily. You can also export it to other countries to make additional money.

Which raw material is used to make agarbatti?

It generally includes charcoal powder, bamboo stick, incense powder, and sawdust.

What are the benefits of agarbatti?

1) Helps to get rid of germs 2) Speeds up the healing process 3) Clears Headache and Migraine 4) Soothe the mind 5) Enable sound sleep 6) Reiterates the benefits of aromatherapy.

What are the steps for making agarbatti?

1) Manage agarbatti making machines. 2) Now arrange the raw material. 3) It is necessary to select an appropriate location and then install the machinery. 4) Hire employees and provide training. 5) Mixing or spice preparation is used as a coating around the stick. 6) In load mixing and bamboo stick machine. 7) Take raw incense sticks. 8) Dry in the sun or use a dryer machine. 9) Add fragrance. 10) Packaging and Transportation.

Is the project report of Agarbatti manufacturing available in PDF format?

Yes, you can download the Project Report of Agarbatti Manufacturing in PDF format. Where can I get the agarbatti project report sample pdf for bank loan? If you have a desire to start Agarbatti business, then you can get the project report sample pdf from our website. It will help you to write your own project report for agarbatti business.

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