Project Report for PMEGP Loan Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme

PMEGP Project Report

The PMEGP Project Report contains very important information that you wish to check out. Well, The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme is a scheme that is implemented by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. It functions on the national level as a Nodal agency. While functioning at the state level it becomes KVIC, KVIB and DIC. Here KVIC is State Khadi and Village Commission, DIC is District Industries Centers and KVIB is State Khadi and Village Industries Boards.

The KVIC sends government subsidies directly to the designated bank accounts of the beneficiaries so that they can benefit from this scheme. The maximum cost of PMEGP for the manufacturing sector is Rs 25 Lakh whereas for the business or service sector, it is Rs 10 Lakh.

There is a PMEGP Subsidy as a benefit to businessmen wherein the general category individuals get a 15% subsidy in urban areas and 25% in rural areas. The individuals of lower strata get a 35% subsidy for rural areas and 25% for rural ones.

PMEGP Project Report Format

An ideal format for the PMEGP project report is the format that includes the information demanded by the bank when you want to a get PMEGP Bank loan. It is very time-consuming but easy to write the perfect project report for a PMEGP loan.

Being an entrepreneur if you find it difficult to create a project report for a PMEGP loan to submit to the bank you can take our help in doing so. We provide you with the platform to provide you with readable and readily available samples or customized project reports.

If you want to take the guidelines and wish to create your project report we are there for you too. Following are the must must-have nails for your project report for the PMEGP bank loan. You can use our sample reports also and write your project report.

The best PMEGP Project report format consists of the following elements.

Introductory Page

It introduces your business plan to the bank. The bank gets an idea about your potential, requirement, possibility and requirement of funds as well.

Scope of the Project

It exhibits the snapshot of your educational qualifications, job and work experience that the bank might wish to know.

Product and services

This heading of your project report will give information about the business products or services that you will provide to the customers. The range of the market is a part of products and services.

Location details

Location details will help the bank to check out the location of your business. This includes the place from where you will establish and supply your products. You can also include about the head office if any. Also, write about the speciality of the location and the business.

Plant and Machinery

It is the main thing to tell the bank after the location. Very important equipment that a businessman uses to manufacture and produce goods. You need to write the complete detail about which plant and machinery you will use to manufacture, its cost and every other important information etc.

Raw Material

The businessman needs raw materials to manufacture the goods. You need to include information about the raw material that you will be using along with where you will buy it and the buyer details as well.

Market Potential and Marketing Strategy

The bank would like to know the size of your market so that it can have an idea of the market capture for your product. The marketing strategy that you would follow to capture the market and expand it for sales purposes is also an important piece of information for the bank to know.

Detail of Employees

The complete details of the employees that you will hire for work, their experience, salary and age, and educational details must be included in the PMEGP project report for a bank loan.

Project cost

The cost that you incur to establish your business is the project cost. It is the project report that forms the basis of the loan amount and its approval.

Application of Funds

It relates to the proper allocation of funds. Provide information about the funds from where you will get them and where you will spend them.

Means of financing

The bank would like to know the means of finance of your business that will be the source of funding your business. Include from where it is coming and where it is going.

Balance sheet

The balance sheet includes the profit and loss of your business and gives a clear picture of your business to the bank. The bank then decides whether to give you funds to expand your business or not and how much loan amount and interest.

Other important details in the PMEGP Project report Format are

Cash flow statement


Break-even analysis


Who Can Apply For a PMEGP Bank Loan?

  • Any individual who is above 18 years of age is eligible to apply for PMEGP. If I talk about the education qualification of the borrower, it should be 8th. If an individual wants to get a loan in the manufacturing sector the set limit is above Rs 10 Lakh and if he wants to avail loan in the service or business sector the loan limit is Rs 5 Lakh as per the government rules.
  • The bank chooses fresh projects only so I recommend you use the professional project report for PMEGP for this you can take our help. We can provide you with a full-fledged project report for PMEGP that contains all important information for your business plan.
  • People who belong to the BPL category cannot avail of this loan scheme. Charitable trusts, an institute that registers under 1960 or production co-operative societies are in for this scheme.
  • The companies or business houses that have already availed of government subsidy in any form are not eligible under this project.

How To Apply For PMEGP?

The directors of KVIC at the state and division levels along with KVIB members and directors of industries that are DIC give advertisements in local areas with mass media means like e-mail, newspapers etc. and inform people about project proposals and ask individuals who desire to establish their own business or service under PMEGP.

The beneficiaries then submit the online application at the official website of PMEGP and after submission collects a print copy of the same for further reference. You may later submit this copy to the respective office of the PMEGP along with the PMEGP Project Report with documents in the required time.

How To Apply For Loan Under PMEGP Scheme Online

You can follow the steps that I have listed below for applying for the loan under the PMEGP scheme.

  • Visit the online portal of PMEGP and fill out the online form.
  • Follow the guidelines that come in front of you and include all the required details according to your information.
  • After the information is filed click on save to save your details.
  • When your details are saved you must submit the important documents that come in the list and then finally submit your application.
  • You will now receive your ID and password on your e-mail for further reference.

How To Apply for PMEGP Scheme Offline

  • Visit the bank and ask for the loan application form under PMEGP.
  • Fill out the application form and stick the printouts of your documents along with the application form. Also, include the PMEGP Project Report and submit it to the bank.
  • Once the formalities are done from your end the bank will verify and let you know the status of approval of your PMEGP Bank loan.

How can I check PMEGP Loan Application Status via PMEGP E-Tracking System?

To trace the PMEGP loan approval status via PMEGP E-Tracking System.

  • Go to the official website of PMEGP and click on
  • You will see a login form for already registered applicants. Click on it and a new page will open. You now have to add the login and password details.
  • Enter your ID Login and password.
  • Click on Login.
  • Now you can check the status of the PMEGP Loan by clicking on view status.

Bank Loan Under PMEGP Scheme

This loan scheme offers financial help to entrepreneurs having different backgrounds and eligibility. The ones who match the guidelines of the government get a PMEGP loan.

You can avail of PMEGP to establish small, micro and medial scale units that can in be manufacturing, business, trading or service sector.

Your project and business decide the loan amount, interest rate and the repayment of bank loan under the PMEGP scheme. Thus your project report for PMEGP should be really attractive and professionally created.

Features Of PMEGP Bank Loan Project Report

The main thing about the PMEGP Loan Scheme is that it is a provision to start a micro business of your own by borrowing funds from the bank in the form of a PMEGP Loan. Its features are following.

  • The main objective of PMEGP KVIC is to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed in rural and urban areas by helping them establish their micro-business units.
  • It integrates artisans throughout the country and the unemployed too and helps them establish their set setups
  • It reduces migration of the youth to other countries and regions of the country and the talent stays in their city.
  • By providing increased income by self-employing the individuals in the country.

Objectives of PMEGP Project Report For Bank Loan

  • The main objective of the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme is to boost employment in rural and urban areas by setting up micro business units.
  • It works to provide a common ground for all be it artisans or the unemployed youth so that all can get equal opportunity and benefit from the bank and come together for creating employment opportunities.
  • Its main purpose is to increase the income of the households so that they can live a sustainable life.

Latest update of the PMEGP Scheme

As per the latest update, you can get the collateral benefit. You can now upgrade your loan and expand PMEGP. The applicants can thus avail of the 2nd loan that amounts to Rs 1 crore under this loan scheme. You may also get a government subsidy that ranges between 15 to 20% on the 2nd loan.

The Main Projects Of the PMEGP Scheme

  • Agriculture based
  • Cement and allied business
  • Chemicals and minerals
  • Cold chain solutions and storage equipment
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Food processing units
  • Forest industry
  • Paper products
  • Service sector
  • Textile and apparel designing
  • Waste management

You have the option to download the online form from the official website of PMEGP.

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Documents Required For PMEGP Scheme

  • The following is the list of the documents that the borrower must present before the PMEGP department online or offline.
  • The loan application form with passport-size photographs maybe 2.
  • PMEGP Project Report
  • The address proof and identity proof of the borrower
  • Your Pan Card, Adhaar Card and 8th pass certificate.
  • If you fall under the special category you need to present it.
  • Certificate of EDP training is an entrepreneur development programme
  • Certificate of academic and technical course
  • Any other documents if the bank asks for.

You can now apply for the online application form submission on the portal of PMEGP Scheme for Bank Loan and submit it there itself.

PMEGP Loan Limit

Following are the guidelines for credit by PMEGP.

  • Manufacturers: Rs 25 Lakh at the maximum
  • Business: Rs 10 Lakh at the maximum.
  • Plains: Rs 1 Lakh
  • Hills: Rs 1.5 Lakh
  • For self-dependent businesses, the loan limit depends upon your location.

Repayment of PMEGP Loan

PMEGP Loan tenure states that you have to repay the loan in 3 to 5 years as per the government guidelines and the moratorium allows you to extend the loan up to 6 months at the maximum.

The allocation ratio of the PMEGP states that the subsidy is the marginal money that is proportionate to capital expenditures made by the borrower. The surplus is returned to KVIC.

Interest Rate Of PMEGP Loan

According to the norms of the bank, the interest rate for PMEGP is 11 to 12% annually. According to the provision of ISEC that is interest subsidy eligibility certification the interest rate for this loan offers a concession of 4% in working and fixed capital expenditure.

The difference in the rate of interest is set by the which that is the head of the budget. This facility can be availed by the individuals involved in Khadi and Polyvastra only.

PMEGP Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • The individuals who meet the requirements of PMEGP can only get financial assistance.
  • The age of the borrower should be at least 18 years at the time of taking the loan.
  • He should be at least 8th pass.
  • The size of the business project should be under the following criteria.
  • For the business and service sector that loan amount is Rs 5 Lakh.
  • For a manufacturer, it should be Rs 1O Lakh.
  • Self-help groups are eligible for the loan if they have not availed of any scheme benefit so far.
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Registered Societies.
  • Co-operative societies that are involved in the business of production can also take the loan.
  • No ceiling of income is applicable in this loan scheme.
  • The loan facility is available only for new ventures and especially for the ones who have not benefitted from any scheme similar to this one so far.

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List of eligible activities under PMEGP Bank Loan

  • This loan is not for those who are involved ie activities that are considered negative.
  • The approved list is as follows.
  • The food processing industry is agro-based.
  • Paper and fibre production using hand-made technique
  • The entrepreneurs source the products from forests, chemicals, minerals and polymers.
  • Rural engineering and biotech

Negative list that is excluded from PMEGP Loan

  • Dhabas and restaurants that offer drinking services
  • Meat and slaughter hubs
  • Tobacco and other relevant products
  • Tapping and sales of toddy
  • Cash crops activities
  • Floriculture and horticulture

What are the documents required for PMEGP Bank Loan Online

  • The PMEGP Bank Loan Sanction process starts while exploring the PMEGP Online Portal. It is a digital platform preferred by KVIC. The complete list of documents that are needed for getting you a PMEGP Loan online is the following.
  • The KYC related documents of the loan borrower for providing the complete information about the borrower to the PMEGP e portal. It includes Pan Card and Adhaar Card specifically.
  • The certificate of caste and community to fill in the defined category.
  • Subsidy claim.
  • The complete detail of the project cost that represents the break upcycle of the business plan and clearly stating the capital expenditure and working capital.
  • A certificate from the officer that controls loan activities in the bank stating the absence for the requirement of working capital.

How To log in for PMEGP Application

The loan borrower should open the online portal of PMEGP and fill in the online application form. The information that is required, needs to be included. The registration is split into 3 parts. The first part is the personal details section. The second one is the information that is important for PMEGP Status which may include the PMEGP loan amount limit to be filled by the entrepreneur.

The account details to be included are also mandatory. Once this information part is over, the loan application is saved and there starts the third step. So the third step is submitting the required documents in digital mode only.

When you complete the important three steps, your application is finally submitted and the PMEGP department can now evaluate it. You get the application acknowledgement ID and password on your registered e-mail ID so that you can use it for future reference.

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PMEGP is the scheme initiated by the government of India so every individual who is eligible under the criteria laid down by the government can avail of the bank loan facility.

It has a broad vision to generate employment for yourself and others and earn a sustainable living for yourself. The success of this scheme ensures that a large section of the unemployed youth is now into jobs and started their ventures. The brain drain has stopped. The talent is in their own s and cities only. When the youth gains employment the entire nation flourishes with the demographic stability in both rural and urban sectors of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions on PMEGP Project Report

Is there any lock in period for PMEGP Loan?

Yes, there is a lock-in period for PMEGP loan under subsidy and that is for 3 years.

Where can I get the PMEGP sample project report?

PMEGP is a business loan that is granted under the government scheme in India. You can avail micro, small and medium-scale business loans under this scheme from the bank nearby if you present an effective PMEGP Project Report to the bank. We give you the facility to buy the already written project reports and you can also explore our sample project report for PMEGP on our website.

Can I get PMEGP project report format in excel?

You can get the ready to use project report of the PMEGP Bank loan in a short moment. Simply add our project report in your basket, and make the payment. As soon as you pay our executive team approaches you and gives you access to download the PMEGP Project Report. We specialize to provide you customized PMEGP project report format in Excel.

Which is the best PMEGP loan project report?

The PMEGP Project report that serves the purpose of the borrowers to get the loan is the only best PMEGP loan project Report. The best project report should provide you with the right format along with the necessary details that you can use to create your project report.

How can I write a PMEGP project report for oil mill?

By using the right format for PMEGP loan you can write the PMEGP project report for Oil Mill. You will have to write every basic and important information about your plans for Oil Mill in the business plan that you will present before the bank.

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