PMEGP Online EDP Training

PMEGP Online EDP Training

The applicants who get their loan approval have to undergo PMEGP Online EDP Training. It is so that they can handle their new venture well. The Indian Government has introduced a credit-linked programme that provides a subsidy to the new emerging businessmen in India. It works under two departments Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana and Rural Employment Generation Programme. They both generate employment in the nation.

The rural and urban area youth can establish their Micro, small and medium enterprises in the country. This scheme is implemented by KVIC which works at the national level. It works as an agency providing subsidy loan assistance to entrepreneurs. At the state level, this role is played by State Khadi and Village Industries Boards KVIB and DIC.

The subsidy plan of the government under this scheme is routed by KVIC via recognized banks and financial institutions so that the beneficiaries can get a good distribution of funds directly in their bank accounts.

PMEGP Online EDP Training

According to the rules of the PMEGP loan scheme, EDP training is compulsory to attend. The time tenure of this training is 10 days. This training works on your entrepreneur development.

The bank releases funds in your account only after you submit the EDP training certificate. The aim of EDP is to aware you and provide you orientation about managerial and operational functions like finance, bookkeeping, bank formalities, production, marketing etc.

Earlier the tenure of this training was 3 days but later the need was felt to keep it for 10 days. So the discussion was made in meetings and it was decided to put it for 10 days. It has brought forward effective interaction and better rural entrepreneurs in the country.

The EDP is conducted through KVIC, KVIB and DIC in their training centres. These centres are accredited training zones that are under the control of the government. There are three levels of an entrepreneur development programme that are NIESBUD, NIMSME and III.

Their partner institutes work under the control of the MSME ministry, banks, financial institutions, NGOs etc. that are identified by the government from time to time.

The EDP is mandatory for PMEGP applicants. The individuals who do not appear in the training for almost 2 weeks through KVIC and KVIB are exempted from the subsidy scheme. The training centres are identified by KVIC and publicity about the training centres is also provided by the department itself.

Budget of EDP To Training Centers

The government spends around Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 for one trainee for a period of almost 10 to 15 days of training. It includes the cost of the course material, payment o guest speakers, boarding expenses, lodging etc.

KVIC reimburses the expenses to the training institutes and centres that provide EDP to the PMEGP applicants.

Objective Of EDP for PMEGP

The main objective of EDP is to be aware of the managerial functions. You will become a talented entrepreneur when you are trained enough for the same.

KVIC has started providing EDP training to all applicants for the PMEGP loan scheme so that the benefices can know and everything about the business. This will help make you future leaders.

PMEGP Online EDP Training

The online EDP training for the applicants of PMEGP is easy for everyone to do. Everyone here means the appliapplicforthis government subsidy scheme in India. You can avail the online training by registering yourself with the online portal on the desktop or using a mobile application. The e-portal of online EDP training is udyami.

This online EDP Portal has been set with the intent to assist and help the PMEGP applicants who need to undergo this training for various disciples like industry and business. It will help you become a talented entrepreneur.

The main object of this training programme lies to nurture the candidates in a better way so that they can excel in the business they start and the chances of failure become negligible.

The training institutes provide complete material to the candidates and all the relevant information as well. All the details you can also avail by just a single click. You can get further information even after the completion of the course.

PMEGP Entrepreneur Development E-Learning Platform

The EDP online E-Learning platform will help to disseminate EDP online courses for your development as per the guidelines provided by KVIC. It will guide the latest and emerging entrepreneurs and make them learn about business processes and compliances.

This programme will help you evaluate your performances through mock tests and assignments. You will get the certificate of training and letter of application along with your grade after you complete this EDP training journey.

EDP Training and PMEGP

According to the guidelines of PMEGP, the agencies involved in this process are forwarding the applications to the selected banks after properly verifying the online information and documents submitted by the applicants of the PMEGP Subsidy scheme.

The bank that receives the loan application checks out to provide credit to the particular applicant or not. If the bank decides to provide financial aid to the applicant, it further recommends the applicant start EDP training before the first instalment.

To convince the financial institution to disburse the very first instalment of the loan and get marginal subsidy money without completion of EDP training on the online PMEGP portal, the Ministry of MSME has convinced the approval to provide relaxation on EDP training for loan disbursement. Now the banks can disburse the loan amount in the bank accounts of the applicants without waiting for their completion of the EDP training programme.

The candidates who have applied for this scheme have now got this extra benefit from the banks.

Frequently asked questions on PMEGP Online EDP Training

What is the Online address of the EDP Portal?

The online portal of EDP training that trains the applicants of PMEGP so that they can become successful entrepreneurs in the upcoming time is You can now start online training sitting at your doorsteps.

How To Download Online EDP Mobile App?

It is very simple to download PMEGP EDP online Mobile Application by opening the play store and searching for the Udyami app. Once you find it, you need to download it. Later you can open it on your mobile device.

Who is eligible for EDP Training online?

A PMEGP loan applicant whose loan has been approved by the bank he has selected for getting this loan subsidy scheme from is eligible for EDP Online training. It is compulsory for every applicant who gets the loan sanctioned to undergo a training in EDP for at least 2 weeks.

What is the fee structure for Online EDP Training?

Well for the applicants it is free of cost. The concerned departments pay the training institutes a sum say Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 for providing the course guidance and the material for studying. Thus the applicants who have got their loan approved need not pay a single penny for this course.

What is the duration of the EDP Training programme online?

It is almost 15 days of training for the approved loan status candidate. In this training, they get knowledge of all the modules of business and they can now become successful entrepreneurs.

How To Register for Online EDP Training?

It is very easy to register for online PDP training. You need to enter your mobile number on the OMEGP EDP online training portal and you get registered.

How can I get EDP Training Certificate?

You can check out your certificate of EDP training and the letter of application on the official portal of EDP only. Once it is simple take out a print of it and submit it to the bank.

What is the additional benefit of the EDP online Portal?

The best additional benefit of the EDP online portal is that you need not search for notes and project reports here and there, you can get them straight on the online portal only. Other industrial documents, guidance, incentives and important useful information can also be availed from here free of cost.

Who gives EDP training?

The EDP training is conducted nationwide by KVIB, KVIC and DIC. It is conducted to provide essential knowledge about business to applicants of PMEGP. The training centres that are run by the central government, NSIC a national level body for entrepreneur development institutes control the entire training process.

Is  EDP Training Free?

Well,  the EDP training is free for applicants for the PLEGP loan. They need not pay any money for these 15 days of the training programme. The concerned department of KVIC and KVIB pays for the training centres for the applicants who attend the training of EDP.

Is EDP Training mandatory for PMEGP?

As per the guidelines of the PMEGP loan scheme the applicants are required to attend the training programme for EDP for 15 days.  Once the loan application is approved the bank conveys the PMEGP department for the training of the applicant. Once the training is done, the loan is disbursed to the bank account of the beneficiary.

How to Register for EDP Training?

The EDP training that is an entrepreneurship development programme can now be learned online. The PMEGP applicants can enrol for it online internet and take the training.

Who should take EDP?

Employment opportunities are very less in the country so the government is supporting young entrepreneurs to start their ventures to create employment opportunities for them and others. Thus they can get a PMEGP loan at a reasonable time and rate of interest. The PMEGP applicants have to take the training of EDP for 10 to 15days and it is mandatory. After their training, the loan amount is disbursed in their accounts.

What are the benefits of EDP?

Following are the benefits of EDP.
Better Management
Timely decision making
Marketing skills
Effective planning

How to conduct EDP?

EDP is conducted in three stages pre-training or initial stage, development phase or training, follow up phase or post-training.
You can get the training enrollment based on information from the application form and by giving a written exam to check your aptitude.

Is EDP training mandatory for PMEGP Beneficiaries?

Yes EDP training is mandatory for PMEGP applicants. As soon as their loan is approved they are asked to go through the EDP training for 10 to 15 days and after completion of the same, the loan amount can be disbursed to the account of the beneficiary. It is important because an entrepreneur becomes skilled and can handle business smoothly once he is trained.

How long does the EDP Training last?

EDP training lasts for 10 to 15 days and it gets compulsory for PMEGP applicants to attend it till the end. All the modules need to be attended carefully. After the completion of the training, the applicant gets a training certificate and an application form that needs to submit to the bank.

What is the objective of EDP training?

The objective of the EDP training programme is to induce important business skills In an entrepreneur so that he can perform his business well and get success. The candidates can acquire a lot of information till the end of the training programme.

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