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If you are looking forward to the photographer resume format, you will get the best here. A Photographer is a professional who clicks photos for you during the major events of your life. He clicks pictures in several settings and companies. A few of the jobs of a photographer include marriages, family portraits, malls, or, shopping centers. Photographers also perform their tasks in a digital media house, cinema, news publication, or marketing house.

Photographers work as freelancers or full time and this depends upon the job opportunities they have. They make your day memorable because you cherish lovely moments captured by photographers in their pictures.

Since you are photographer, you might possess excellent photography skills and may lack skills required to write a professional resume. You would definitely need one for getting a new job or changing already dong job. No potential boss is going to immediately check your photography skills or portfolios. They would read your efficiently written resume. 

Now if you don’t know how to write resume for photographer job then you can simply make the payment and buy a ready to use resume from us and solve your problem. This resume can help you present your information in the required manner. 

Photographer Resume Format

A photographer’s Resume Format is different from resumes of another profession because photography is a passionate job.

Star Format of Photographer Resume

The star photographer resume format is the best photographer resume format for creating an ideal resume because it helps in structuring points in the CV. It creates a good impact by establishing the cause-effect relationship to add more meaning to the roles and responsibilities of a photographer.

Before we proceed further we must know what Star is?

STAR photographer resume format is Here.

S stands for situation and context that demands your contribution.

T is the task that is the work assigned to you.

A is the action that is the strategy you can use to execute the work assigned.

R stands for the result that says whether you have achieved your goal or not.

Using the Star photographer resume Format, you can optimize the sections of the photographer assistant resume and this will help you communicate your tasks and responsibilities and the result achieved too.

What Do Photographers Do?

As the name suggests, photographers take pictures and their job is to prepare and frame the photographs well. The job of photography in India has artistic and creative capabilities as the priority but needs technical skills as well.

 Several photographers work in studios creating beautiful artwork.  Few of them work as technical photographers who can capture specific technical document images and manuals. The other photographers click pictures of customers for personal and business purposes.

A few photography positions get all the pictures clicked but this is possible when a photographer has detailed knowledge about his responsibilities on the job. Therefore when you look for a photographer, your CV needs you to showcase important skills that can suit the requirement of the recruiters.

How to write a CV For Photographer

If you want to get success as a photographer, you must capture captivating pictures. But it is not just enough. You need to have an efficient resume for photographers first.

Photography is an art. But what if you don’t know how to apply for the job of a photographer. How will you get selected and become a professional photographer in this industry?

Therefore to land your dream job position, you need to have the best photographer assistant resume in India. Your biodata will help you stand out. In this article, you will learn to write a CV for a photographer.

Job Description

The first task is to read the job description carefully and create a professional photographer resume according to the job description.

While you read the job description, you will be able to understand the requirements of the recruiter and work forward to gather photographer resume sample as per requirement.

Then you may prepare yourself with the demo pictures so that you can satisfy their demand. You can give them a live demo of your work when you go for an interview. You can also edit photographers according to the demand of the recruiters till they get satisfied.

Photographer Biodata Sections

When you wish to write a resume, you must know about the sections first. Here we have listed the sections to make your resume easy and quick. These are the must include sections of biodata of the photographer.

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Resume Headline
  • Job Objective
  • photographer resume skills
  • Work Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Certifications

Which Creative Photographer Resume Templates are Available for Download?

The following creative photographer resume templates are available for download in the format of Microsoft Word.

Animal Photographer
Architectural Photographer Resume
Assistant Photographer Resume
Chief Photographer Resume
Crime Scene Photographer Resume
Digital Photographer-
Event Photographer Resume
Fashion Photographer Resume
Freelance Photographer Resume
Freelance Photographer Resume1
Medical Photographer Resume
Photographer Resume
Resume1 Photographer
Photographic Process Worker Resume
Photography Instructor Resume
Photography Manager Resume
Studio Photography Manager Resume
Professional Photographer Resume

Writing a Resume For Photographer

After reading the entire resume only, the recruiter makes a call saying that you are a good candidate for the job. The professional experience in your CV must meet the goals as it has to be readable and impactful.


A simple trick that can make or ruin your resume is the header. You can compose your resume using headers and make it effective. Keep your header on the top side of the cv of the photographer and keep the font size 14 because it gives better readability.

Keep a single spacing between your first and last name. If you write middle name then write the first middle and last name in capital letters.

Personal Information

The personal information category is very important because it keeps the details that are used to contact you after the interview. For your contact details use an updated phone number with the country’s IFSC Code with a + sign before the ifsc code.

Write the professional e-mail address that is useful to send official messages from the company to you. It is the most important part of your CV. Write professional e-mail id only so that the recruiter can get back to you. If you write an unprofessional e-mail id the recruiter can put you in a spam folder so don’t give him this chance.

The current Location is again important and it should be on the top right side of the CV. You must avoid mentioning trivial information about your location like street number and locality. If the job is in the same country you live in then just mention the city and state. If you are seeking a job in a foreign country then you must mention your country too in the photographer job description resume.

Job Profile Title of Photographer Resume

Your profile title is important to specify your latest job title to the recruiter. Therefore you can include your present job designation in the present or past company. Your post as senior photographer etc. You need not exaggerate your profile title because it might seem as if you are trying to bluff the recruiter.


This section in the photography CV includes the name of your school and college along with the university. Also, mention the name of the course you have taken from college and the date of enrollment and passing.


You must highlight how passionate you are for photography in your resume and this will get you the dream job, You can get this job by mentioning your certifications like you have an inborn ability for photography and click impeccable pictures.

If you have undergone some photography training, you are to mention that. Whether you are an inborn talent for photography or trained, you must mention it. Keep it clear in the resume by including the certification name, certifying body with location, and the date of enrollment and completion of this course.

Awards and Recognition

If you have performed the role of a photographer with grit and determination, you must have been awarded for sure. If you have any recognition of your work you must specify it.

Having awards and not mentioning them is bad. You can use them as an advantage for your resume and get the job. Being an outstanding performer and mentioning it in the cv will surely get you this job.

Volunteering Experience

If you performed any volunteer task, be it working with an NGO or social task, include it in your biodata of photography. It can be stated in the experience section also. Only include it if you have worked as a photographer there otherwise exclude it.

Key Skills in Photographer Biodata

A Photographer’s Resume Format should list all the important skills that can impress a recruiter from hard skills to soft skills. The key skills of a photographer are very important and you must brief them in your CV. It should be listed under a special photographer resume skills section so that the recruiter doesn’t miss to read them in your CV.

You can compose the skills section when the rest of the resume is done. Identify the job-related skills and include them in the resume. 

You can create the skills section according to the skills required in the job description and exclude the rest. Bring to use the main keywords so that your resume passes the applicant tracking system and you get a call for an interview.

Be very careful while writing the keywords as you must possess the expertise you are listing In the skills section of a photographer’s resume.

Photographer Resume Summary

A photographer’s resume summary is the overview of all the events in n photographer’s career. It is the blend of your skills and important details that the recruiter may like about you.

An objective statement that highlights your accolades and boosts your career leads to a  positive impact on the recruiter. Therefore you must write the resume summary carefully and should not exceed it beyond 3 to 4 lines. Just enlist your job experience and it is all set.

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Photography Resume Objective

You can mention the objective of a photographer’s CV If the work experience is less than 3 years. If you are a fresher then you don’t have any work experience, so you can state your objective properly to impress the recruiter.

When you have very little experience to show then you can communicate in objective what you wish to do for the company to help it get its goals.

Important Tips to Write A photographer CV

The writing tips that we are enlisting below will make it easy for you to write a standard biodata for a photographer.

Don’t mix your portfolio with your CV. When you apply for a photography position, it is important to present a portfolio but your biodata is different from that. Do not present it with a portfolio.

You must manage the length of your resume and so it should not be overstuffed. It is best if it says everything about you in 1 or 2 pages only. A short CV attracts recruiters and they can easily read the important stuff that you wish they should read. If you are very experienced and it is all related to the job position you are applying for, then you can stretch it to one more page.

Include metrics and real numbers to highlight the work experience. This adds reliability to your mentioned stuff. It gives the recruiters a better idea of how capable you are of the job.

The experience section is very important so it must be presented in an organized manner. When you list the jobs, begin with the latest stuff on top.

Do’s for a Photographer CV

Do Customize your CV

It is not right to share the same CV for several job applications as a photographer. The job descriptions in each jib are different so you must read them properly and then personalize your resume.

Choose the skills that you have and are different from the other candidates applying for the job. Write them while you customize your resume.

Keep the entire list of experiences

If you are an experienced candidate you must include all the experiences in your CV that are relevant to the job position you are now applying for. You can exclude the experiences that do not match the present job description.

It will not overstuff the experience list and the recruiter will be able to go through the best ones. You must also include the achievements and the goals you achieved for the company along with the dates.

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Don’ts of Resume FOR Photographer

Don’t rely on your portfolio

If you don’t carry your resume to the interview and think your portfolio will get you in. You are wrong. Portfolio only presents your talent but a resume speaks about you. Therefore you must write your resume that can attract recruiters.

Avoid irrelevant Stuff

You must not write the stuff that just overcrowds your resume and is not useful to present. Include the details that are related to the present job position only and ignore the rest.

Don’t use the same photographs in all resumes

Your photographs should be different in different job interviews. For example, if you are applying for the position of a photographer in a real estate company then the photographs that you present there should be related to real estate only and not modeling. The photographer’s Resume Format should be designed in such a way that it grabs all the attention of the potential employer. So include the best photographs according to the job profile. 

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