Pharmacy Resume Format




A Pharmacy Resume Format has all the relevant content to guide you on how to create your resume in the Pharmacy industry. A Pharmacist sells medicines that are prescribed by the physicians and guides the customers on how to take medicines properly. He also provides proper health care services and educates patients. The pharmacist also provides vaccinations, completes paperwork helps them with insurance claims and is also aware of the new health and lifestyle stuff.

Pharmacists are specialized in procuring and providing medicine to their patients and healthcare dealers. A good Resume helps a pharmacist get a good job in India in the retail or research sector. You can easily learn how to draft a pharmacist’s resume so that you have more chances of getting the job.

We are going to discuss how to write a pharmacist’s Resume along with the important skills for a B Pharma and some tips that will help you create your resume well.

Pharmacy Resume Format

There are three main resume formats for a pharmacist in India.

Reverse Chronological CV Template for India

A very common format of resume for pharmacy students freshers pdf that is used to list work experience and skills in a reverse chronological manner with the latest ones on top. You can easily download the b pharmacy resume format for freshers pdf. This will not only ease your work but will also help you grab the opportunity you are seeking at a nominal price. 

You must include a well-written resume headline for pharmacy freshers in India along with these subheadings.

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Professional Title
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format is a skill-based resume that highlights the skills of a fresher. Work experience is not a part of this resume because a fresher doesn’t have work experience. This is the most used resume format for freshers b pharmacy in India. 

You must include the following sections.

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Professional Title
  • Skills
  • Additional Section
  • Education

Combination Resume Format

 It is a mix of chronological and functional resume format that focuses both on skills and experience. You can very easily make use of the resume format for a pharmacy job in India and get one. 

You must include the following sections.

  • Contact Information
  • Skill Summary
  • Additional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education

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What Do Pharmacists Do In India?

The health care professional called pharmacists is specialized to organize, preserve and give medicines to individuals who visit them. They also educate them about the benefits and side effects of the medicines they are using.

You will find a pharmacist working in a medical clinic, retail pharmacy shop, university, hospital or in the research and medicine department. They work in the open work environment in shift jobs. Pharma employees focus on giving the right medicine to patients and organizing them properly so that they can easily find them when a patient approaches. A pharmacist also keeps a record of the stock of medicines they have and which one to arrange.

Which templates of pharmacy resumes can be downloaded here?

A pharmacist needs to choose the right template for a resume to grab the job that you desire. You can choose the best resume for a pharmacy job from our website as we have ready-to-use resume templates for your use. This not only saves you time and energy but also gives you confidence on the day of your interview. 

Moreover, you can pay just once and use this resume set format lifelong simply by adding further skills and experience. It is very easy for you to use our resume for a pharmacy job as it has all the required information that is important for you to exhibit in front of your potential employer. Buying a professionally written resume boosts your confidence. 

B pharmacy resume download Templates are available in a Microsoft Word file here.

Sr. No.Particulars
1Compounding Pharmacy Technician Resume
2Hospital Pharmacy Manager Resume
3Hospital Pharmacy Technician Resume
4Pharmacy Manager Resume
5Pharmacy Store Manager Resume

How To Write A Pharmacy Resume

Your Personal Information

To create a pharmacy Resume, it is important to write all the important information that highlights you. You must not miss any important information be it your contact details, experience, education, research, skills or project. You can list your credentials in the following order.

Contact Details

It is mandatory to write your contact information be it your name, e-mail ID, contact number or address. This enables the recruiter to get in touch with you. Update the latest details of your contact information, if you have got it changed.

Professional Statement

Using the professional statement you can showcase your skills and other information that is important to include in a resume for b pharmacy freshers for jobs in India. You must write this stuff in brief only. Also, state the career opportunities you are looking for.

Work Experience of B Pharmacy

Your previous work experience is important to include. You must also list your job duties and responsibilities in chronological order with the latest one on the top. The recruiter will easily understand your background, your job expertise and job suitability.

Education Background

 You must write about your school and college education and other certifications as well. You should also include the subjects that you studied as a major.


You must state the hard and soft skills that relate to the job. This will enable the recruiter to know about your personality and abilities.

Language Knowledge

There should be proficiency in at least one second language for a pharmacist. He should list it in language proficiency. Highlight it along with the knowledge of reading, writing or speaking proficiency that helps establish the capabilities you have.

Registration Certificate

When you register as a pharmacist, under the Pharmacy Council of India, you must show it in your CV. It will make your experience look credible.

Research and Awards

When you add information regarding the research projects and assignments you have covered so far, you have more chances to get the job.  The awards you have received will highlight your abilities and determination.

Pick Out A CV Layout For B Pharmacy 

Once you include all the relevant information, it is important to pick out a CV Layout that will help you include the relevant information. You can also add your photograph if you want. While you choose the layout, go for a neutral and professional design and pay attention to the font size.

A clear font is very important for your CV because it enhances the competency of your CV. When you write your CV, you need to showcase all the important points and make it strong.

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Tips To Write Pharmacy Resume Format in India

Clean Formatting

A recruiter checks the formatting and colour of the resume first when he picks up your resume. It is therefore important to format your CV so that it looks professional and has a readable font. The popular font is Arial and the font size is 12 or 14. It is also important to format every section so that it is attractive in look and distinct from the other.

Reverse Chronological Order

You must list the latest information on the top that’s to use chronological order. It is mostly used when you list your experience and educational background. When you use chronological order your present job experience is written on top along with your latest degree in education.

Use Of Bullets

The concise and important accolades and experience can be listed using bullets and numbers so that the recruiter can find them quickly and easily read them.

The information can be presented in a simple manner using bullets and this only attracts the readers. Bullets will help to convey your points quickly to the recruiters as a result your keywords are highlighted.

Proofread Your Document 

Before you submit your resume make sure to proofread it properly so that it doesn’t have any grammar or spelling errors. If the resume has errors, the recruiter will not read your resume further. You can ask your friend to cross-check it for you because sometimes others can find the errors easily that we may miss in our resume.

Key Skills In A Resume For B Pharmacy Freshers

One must always highlight the skills in the resume because it focuses on strengths and abilities. You use correct keywords that match the skills required in the job description so you can showcase your technical and interpersonal skills. You can also represent yourself in your well-written pharmacy technician resume. 

When you highlight your skills, the CV becomes attractive and the recruiter gives you the job.  The skills that a pharmacist must possess are proficiency in retaining the customer by following the customer-centric approach. You must possess complete knowledge about the medical store and should be proficient in reducing pharma waste. Detailed knowledge of medical procedures and terminology is a must-have.

Pharmacist Hard Skills
  • Inventory management
  • Medication distribution
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • HIPAA trained
  • Quality assurance
Pharmacist Soft Skills
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Detail-orientated
  •  Time-management
Pharmacy Resume Template 

Here is the template of a pharmacist resume that you can use to create yours. Now it is easy for you to build your CV for the post of B Pharma in India.

  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number

Professional Summary

You can state your goals and experience in two to three statements.

Work Experience 

  • Job Title
  • Company Name and Location
  • Duration of work and total experience.
  • List your duties and responsibilities.


  • Degree
  • Name of Institution
  • Location
  • Year of joining
  • Year of Passing
  • Degree or certification


  • License Number
  • Authorized company or institute
  • Years of license validity


  • Detail of Hard skills
  • Include soft skills
  • Mention technical skills

Language proficiency

  • Additional language that you know.
  • Working and professional proficiency.
Pharmacy Resume Examples

You can use the simple resume format as a reference to create one for yourself.

  • Personal Information
  • Profile summary
  • Work experience
  • Objective
  • Education
  • License
  • Skills
  • Language

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How To Write A career Objective for resume for Freshers in pharmacy?

The pharmacist is a highly demanded professional in India who can work for hospitals, clinics and Universities. To draft a resume of a pharmacist is the very first thing a pharmacist must do.

The career objective of the resume should be clear while you write a resume. The objective of the resume should state soft skills like communication and customer service and hard skills like medical knowledge.

If you are applying for a new job and need to draft a resume, create it in a way that helps the recruiter understand what you are offering them as a pharmacist.

What is a pharmacy resume objective?

A career objective for a resume for a fresher in pharmacy is a statement that is included at the start of the resume that highlights your interest in the job. Usually, a fresher candidate needs to write an objective. The experienced ones can exclude it and write job experience in its place.

The resume objective may also be treated as a profile summary. You must write the resume objective in two to three sentences only. This will help the recruiter understand who you are as a candidate and what you have to offer.

Pharmacist Resume Objective

Check the job description

An effective way is to check the job description first and then write the resume objective for the job you are applying for. When you analyze the job description, you must understand what the employer seeks in the candidate and state your experience and skills in the CV.

If you have not created your resume you can write one now, by putting all the details together and stating your responsibilities, skills, experience and education details.

Choose Keywords

Once you have read the job description, and now you know the job experience, you have the time to compare the keywords that are listed with the ones you possess to match the requirement of the recruiter.

This will help you list the best skills you have and state your experience in the same field as the recruiter is offering you a job. You just need to understand your experience so that you can state it matches the job description.

Draft the objective

When you understand the job description well, keywords and background, you can easily draft your objective. You can write the objective in two or three sentences. If you have some more to state in the objective that the recruiter should see, you can surely include it.

Review and compare your resume

Once you write your resume, you must compare it with the job description so that you get sure if the resume contains all that the recruiter is looking for or not.  You must make sure there is no grammatical or spelling mistake in your resume and it should be valuable to the recruiter. He must be impressed by reading your skills and experience.

Do’s for a Pharmacy Resume
  • You should be honest while representing your resume. Research says that several candidates lost their jobs before getting one because they represented false statements on their CVs. In the pharmacy industry, it is very easy to verify your information and the recruiter does ?t. So do not falsify your information.
  • State the achievements and experiences in your previous job. You must include all the major tasks that you successfully did in your previous job so that the recruiter gets to know you are talented and worthy of the job.
  • Take care of the grammar and length of your resume. You must format your resume properly using bullets and a nice font style and size. One can use a large font size for headings. As a pharmacist, you can check for spelling errors using free online software.
  • Keep on updating your resume. From new skills learned on a job to the latest experience. You can also update your contact details if changed.
  • The basic heading like contact information, education, skills,  experience, achievements, and awards should be part of your CV. Pay special focus on the related job experience and projects successfully done.  This will help you stand out from other candidates.
  • You must state a professional reference as a courtesy in your Resume. It can be of a person reputed in the town.
Don’ts for a Pharmacy Resume
  • You must not make your resume colourful. Keep it black only. You can instead use a large font size for the heading and a small one for the rest of the content rather than adding colours.
  • Avoid writing a resume on the top. It is understood that the job application that you are presenting before the recruiter is a resume only.
  • Extra bold, formatting, bullets and numbering doesn’t leave your resume worth reading. You must keep it simple and crisp. The more you use the extra effects the more you lose the value of your resume.
  • You must not include the reference as your family or friends. It is best to use the one from the pharma industry only.
  • You can exclude work experience that is not related to the pharmacy industry and has nothing to do with the present job position.
  • Unwanted personal information is of no concern to the recruiter like your age, race, religion, marital status etc. You must exclude it from your resume because your employer is keen to know about yourself rather than all the community and religion-related stuff.
How To Write A B Pharmacy Student Resume In India?

Do you know What is a pharmacy student’s curriculum vitae? Well, A pharmacy student’s CV is a full record of the professional and academic qualifications of a candidate in the pharmacy industry. As a student, dent you might write a biodata of pharmacy students and use it to gain some experience and honours. Research students usually require a resume that they can use to highlight their academic background.

As a pharmacy student, you can include your clinical experience and license if you have in the curriculum vitae of a pharmacy student in India.

Pharmacy Student Resume Template

Contact Information and Other Sections

Start with your name and contact number on top and then include the following sections.


Describe your goals.


Add your educational background. Include subjects like major and minor so that the recruiter knows your specialization.

Honours and Awards

You must state your academic and professional awards. It can be your scholarships or others. If you don’t have much, you may omit this section.


You must write your experience related to clinical and pharma jobs if you have done them. You can also create a separate section for pharmacy experience and clinical experience.


Include about research you have done and name the researchers and faculty too.


You can write about academic publications like journals and books if you have written and got them published. You can also include the presentation related to them. This can be oral and poster.

Certifications and licenses

Include the certificates and licenses that you have which are relevant to the pharmacy only.


Include all important pharmacy skills like technical, hard soft and other generic to the pharmacy industry.

Now you are required to write your education details, research, skills and experience in their set sections for the recruiter to read them clearly and decide whether you are fit for the job or not. You must use action verbs and bullets to beautify and highlight the sections professionally.

Additional sections in B Pharmacy Student Resume Fresher

You may add additional sections if you wish to highlight your professional training and official company memberships.

Format Your CV

Your CV should look as if it is of some professional.  The resume of a pharmacy student must include a readable font size, a common font style, and bullets to highlight education, experience, skills and achievements.

Edit Your CV 

You must check every section of your resume be it the accuracy of information, date, titles and experience. All the sections must have relevant information. You can delete the unwanted information.

You can timely edit your resume and check for mistakes so that the recruiter finds your resume to be the best and outstanding.

How to create a pharmacist Manager Curriculum Vitae?

You can consider the steps that are written below to assist you while creating your resume using the pharmacy manager Resume Template. 

Choose the layout

The first important thing is to choose the best layout for a pharmacy manager post. It can be in the three formats that are functional, chronological and hybrid.

If you are a fresher for the post of manager, you must choose a functional resume format. If you are experienced, you must choose the chronological resume format and if you have a lot of experience in the same post, choose the hybrid resume format.

Contact Information

Once you have selected the resume layout, it is time to add important contact information like phone number, name and e-mail. It is useful because the hiring manager will get in touch with you using your details.

Professional Summary

You must write a short professional summary. It can be resume objective, introduction, strengths and goals that you want the recruiter to read. Write the professional summary in 3 lines maximum. It will help the employer know about an ideal candidate and he may choose you.

State your goals and accomplishments using action verbs.

Skills and Abilities for B Pharmacy Manager Resume Experience

Once the reader knows the general about you, you must tell him about the skills you possess. The skills must relate to the job description otherwise your resume won’t help you. You must write skills based on your abilities and not falsify them.

As a pharmacy manager you c, you can include the following skills.

  • Managerial Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Teamwork
  • Vast B Pharma knowledge
  • Training staff

Professional experience 

The recruiter might be interested in knowing your professional experience. As an experienced pharmacy manager, you can include the experience of managerial posts only because the recruiter wants to read that only and not the one that includes where you started. As a fresher for the manager of a pharmacy, you can state the experience in the pharmacy industry that you have be it in the clinical shop, or university. You must also state your job titles, years you spent there, and responsibilities and duties.

Education Background

The recruiter would like to know your educational background so you must state your education degree in pharmacy and the certifications that you have.


Once you are a pharmacy graduate, you are given a license by the Pharmacy Council of India. You must state it in your resume along with the validity.


It is important to proofread the information you have presented in your resume and edit the necessary changes. Make sure there are no mistakes in your resume if you wish the recruiter to read it with interest and fix up a meeting with you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pharmacy Resume Format
How To Write A Pharmacy Student Resume?

It is very simple to write a resume for B pharmacy students fresher and looking forward to opportunities to build up a strong profile for a further career in the pharma industry.

Write a C.V for the post of a representative in any pharmaceutical Company?

You can use our ideas to write a Biodata for a pharmaceutical company in India. You can also avail of our ready-to-use resume template for pharmacists and create your resume. To write a CV for a pharmaceutical company you must include a header, professional summary, education, objective, experience, skills, achievements and references. At the end, you must state a declaration statement that says your information is true.

Which word is used in resume now studied in pharmacy?

You need to create a pharmacy student resume when you are studying in B Pharma at present. It relates to the pharmacy resume for freshers or experienced, only the difference lies in omitting the experience section. In place of that, you can include objectives.

What is the format for resume for the job in College for the post for qualitative control chemist?

If you are looking for the resume format for the job of qualitative control chemist then you have the three best pharmacy resume formats for pharmacist jobs. The choice depends on your experience or skills. If you are a fresher, a functional format is good for you. When you are experienced, the chronological format is better. If you have good experience in the same field, a combination format is the best for you.

What is the format for a pharmacist who wants to submit a resume for chemist Post?

There are three formats that a pharmacist can use for chemist post. If you have experience, choose the reverse-chronological format and if you are a fresher, the functional format is a great choice. You can choose a hybrid format if you have good experience in the same job field.

What to write in resume about industrial training in pharmaceuticals company?

When do you want to write a resume for industrial training in pharmaceuticals company, you must include important details that begin from your contact information, objective, education, skills and achievements.

How To Write A Pharmacy CV?

It is very simple to write a pharmacy CV. You just need to download the pharmacy resume format from our website and fill in your details. Our latest pharmacy resume template will make your work easy and you can use it in future also.

What are the best Pharmacy CV Examples in India?

You can get the best latest designs templates layouts of pharmacy resume format on our website and create your resume. Now you might be thinking why I am praising my stuff. Well, the resume template here is designed according to your purpose. You can just modify them and submit the resume to the concerned job department.

What is the template of Pharmacy assistant Resume Sample no Experience?

For the one who doesn’t have any experience in pharmacy job, is a fresher. The resume includes contact information which is your full name, contact number and e-mail address. After personal information, a pharmacist has to add objectives to state the goals. Then the education, skills, honours and awards.

How To Write a Pharmacist Biodata?

By using the right pharmacy template and format, you can write the Pharmacist CV. It includes the contact details. Profile summary, work experience or objective, then education, skills, achievements, reference and declaration statement. You can write a pharmacy CV by taking assistance from our website which has many latest pharmacy resume templates for you to use.

How to prepare a resume for freshers in pharmacy?

To prepare a resume for freshers in pharmacy, start by including a clear objective statement, educational qualifications, any relevant coursework, internships or clinical rotations, and any relevant certifications or licenses. Also, highlight any transferable skills such as attention to detail, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Tailor the resume to the specific job posting and use simple, clear language.

How to prepare a resume for the pharmacy profession in India?

When preparing a resume for the pharmacy profession in India, it's important to showcase your unique skills and experiences creatively and compellingly. Consider starting with a brief personal statement that highlights your passion for the field and your commitment to providing excellent patient care. Next, include your educational qualifications, including any specialized coursework or certifications. Make sure to highlight any relevant experience in the pharmacy industry, such as internships, clinical rotations, or work experience. To add a creative touch, you might consider including a section that highlights your accomplishments, such as projects you led or awards you received. Additionally, consider using graphics or infographics to highlight key information, such as the number of patients you served or the percentage of prescriptions filled accurately. Finally, be sure to tailor your resume to the specific job posting and use keywords from the job description. This will help to demonstrate your suitability for the role and catch the eye of potential employers. With a well-crafted and creative resume, you'll be well on your way to a successful career in the pharmacy profession in India.

How to write a career objective in a resume for pharmacy?

To write a career objective for a pharmacy resume, briefly state your desired position or role in the industry, mention relevant skills and experiences, and emphasize your commitment to providing excellent patient care and improving health outcomes. Keep it brief and focused on your goals and how you can add value to the industry.

What should I include in the objective statement for my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Your objective statement should clearly state your desired position or role in the pharmacy industry and highlight your skills and experience that make you a strong candidate for the position.

Should I include my GPA in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, including your GPA can be beneficial, especially if it is high. However, if your GPA is low, you may choose to leave it out.

Can I include my clinical rotations in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, including your clinical rotations is a great way to showcase your hands-on experience in the field.

What certifications should I include in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

You should include any relevant certifications, such as pharmacy technician certification or immunization certification, that demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Should I include my research experience in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, including any research experience can demonstrate your analytical and problem-solving skills and set you apart from other candidates.

How can I highlight my customer service skills in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

You can highlight your customer service skills by including any previous work experience that involved interacting with customers, such as a retail job, and emphasizing your ability to communicate effectively and provide excellent patient care.

Should I include a summary of qualifications in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, a summary of qualifications is a great way to highlight your key skills and experiences and quickly catch the attention of potential employers.

How can I showcase my knowledge of Indian pharmacy regulations in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

You can showcase your knowledge of Indian pharmacy regulations by mentioning any relevant coursework or internships that covered these regulations and guidelines, and by demonstrating your understanding of the importance of compliance with these regulations in your objective statement and throughout your resume.

Can I include extracurricular activities in my pharmacy fresher resume?

Yes, including extracurricular activities can demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, and time management skills, which are all valuable in the pharmacy industry.

How should I format my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Your pharmacy fresher's resume should be clear and easy to read, with a simple and professional format. Use bullet points to highlight your key skills and experiences, and make sure to proofread carefully for errors and typos.

How can I make my pharmacy fresher's resume stand out from the competition?

To make your pharmacy fresher's resume stand out, focus on highlighting your unique experiences and skills. Be sure to tailor your resume to the specific job posting and use clear, concise language to effectively communicate your qualifications.

Can I include volunteer experience in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, including volunteer experience can demonstrate your commitment to community service and highlight your ability to work well in a team.

How important is it to customize my pharmacy fresher's resume for each job application?

Customizing your pharmacy fresher's resume for each job application can significantly increase your chances of being hired. By tailoring your resume to the specific job posting, you can demonstrate your fit for the position and show potential employers that you have taken the time to understand their needs.

Should I include a personal statement in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

Yes, a personal statement can be a great way to introduce yourself to potential employers and highlight your career goals and objectives.

How should I format my pharmacy fresher's resume to make it visually appealing?

To make your pharmacy fresher's resume visually appealing, use bullet points and clear headings to organize information. You can also incorporate design elements, such as colour or graphics, to make your resume stand out while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Can I include coursework from my pharmacy program in my resume?

Yes, including relevant coursework can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field. However, be sure to focus on coursework that is particularly relevant to the position you are applying for.

How can I highlight my communication skills in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

You can highlight your communication skills by including any previous work or academic experience that involved interaction with patients or customers. Additionally, emphasizing any coursework or extracurricular activities that require strong communication skills can showcase your abilities in this area.

Should I include a list of references in my pharmacy fresher's resume?

No, you do not need to include a list of references in your pharmacy fresher's resume. Instead, you can provide this information if requested by the employer.