Modeling Resume Format




All stunning models look for a modeling resume format to impress the producers and directors. The attractive models with appealing portfolios enter the film industry or serials. If good looks were enough to enter a fresh face to become a star, then why would many face criticism and rejection in this career?

Even a fascinating portfolio might not let you enter the door of a modeling agency until you have a story to tell and show. Therefore a resume for models is needed to put your details into words and sentences so that you can introduce yourself.

Therefore create a resume that aims to showcase your flattering traits. Thus we can talk about the steps that you can use to get an attractive resume.

What do models do?

There may be many models and magazine cover girls competing with you and stealing the limelight from you. You can get them down by impressing the client with a resume that can speak what you want for you.

When a model gets a craving opportunity to work he/she thinks of grasping it to earn money. But do you know what a model does?

Well, there are several work opportunities and needs in this industry where models play crucial roles. Be it from selling the looks for commercial purposes, or promoting plus-size products in the market. You may also find models advertising the lingerie items and child models promoting the products on online selling platforms.

They also work with fashion designers and garment companies to make sure their sizes and fit are maintained. The ones who are fit and toned, promote health products, and so on.

Modeling Resume Format

Choosing the right format for modeling depends on the experience that you have got from freelance work or working with a modeling agency.

Models who are promoted and represented by modeling agencies usually pick the chronological format. The job seekers from other fields list their present and past employers in chronological order similar to the models.

Using this format you can present your work history using bullets and names of modeling agencies along with the dates you worked on.

A functional format focuses on presenting your skills and positive points like your strength. Whatever projects or assignments you have done so far can be a part of the functional format. It is deemed fit for inexperienced models and freelance working models.

A hybrid Format for models is the blend of both functional and chronological but it is less in use because either a model is fresher or experienced not both at a time.

How to write a model CV in India

Before you begin with the cv of the model in India make up your mind that you have to write it in a manner that focuses on your strengths. Then only it will become eye-catching and get you to work. You can write a model biodata using our instructions.

Read modeling resume format carefully

A modeling resume should be highly attractive. A well-formatted Biodata is easy for potential employers to read and get it passed from an applicant tracking system is software that helps the hiring managers pick the candidates who have used required keywords in their resume.

Use a modeling resume template and check the formatting of the present resume before you apply for the job. Choose the model resume layout with a 1” margin and more white space so that your resume is easy to scan. Align your text to the left and use font Arial because it is mostly in use with font size 12.

Make sure your model job application document doesn’t look overstuffed and keep it to 2 pages maximum. Write your resume in chronological format if you already have experience otherwise choose functional format.

Once your cv is done save the resume of the model in pdf and then post it.

Include your bio and portfolio

A headshot is very important because it can link your bio and portfolio together as it is important for your modeling cv in India for hiring managers to get what they are aspiring for.

Providing a headshot along with the components of a normal resume is important. Look for the best quality front-facing picture that you can place on your biodata and prepare a portfolio.

An online portfolio is in trend these days. It is a visual presentation of your past work experience being a model. You can put your portfolio link and contact information in the top right corner of the resume so that employers can check it.

You also have to write a personalized bio that highlights your physical appearance, hair, eye color, height, weight, and every other important information.

Include skills section

You need skills to be a big model. To mention these skills in a resume s also important. Hard skills in a model are endurance, fitness, and posing. The soft skills in a model are nontechnical skills, like how to represent yourself during the shoot or how to talk while you are at work. Soft skills can also be confidence, positivity, dependability, and professionalism.

Therefore while writing a CV, including both hard and soft skills. As a model, you must put your hard skills on top for better visibility. Later include physical attributes in another section. Use numbers to mention the number of your skills and mention them according to the job description only because irrelevant skills will irritate potential employers.

You can create a special section for skills or include them with experience or the intro part only.

Include action verbs and adjectives

An attractive cv includes work sections related to the job so that potential employers attract your biodata. If you don’t have experience related to modeling, you can mention your achievements and objective in bullets. Use the content in bullets using an action verb. It is the first thing the future boss will read. So good action verbs make a good impression.

Also include important details about your accomplishments so that the employer can see them.

Good bullets attract potential employers towards you whereas the bad bullets repel them. Like you have mentored a few models for posing, presenting themself in a magazine, write it in resume. It is a good bullet point. If you mention that you helped your fellow model in her pose is a bad bullet presentation.

Important points of model CV in India


Create a summary about yourself that highlights your career. Write a few crisp sentences to lure the heart of a hiring manager. Include your skills and accolades. Start from your present role and experience or any important participation in fashion shows that you have done.

Like you owe experience of working as a fashion model for 6+ years with a company for promoting their local products. You can surely include it.


Check the job description and mention the skills that are asked in the description. Then create your resume by highlighting your abilities and fulfilling the requirement of the potential employer.

Include skills like handling long sessions and interacting smoothly with everyone, punctuality, and time management.

Previous work experience

Describe your previous gigs and the role you played as a model. Think of achievements first and then describe them properly. Also, include the recognition that you got in any show you did and were awarded.


Although no formal education is required to be a model in India if you have an educational background you must include it. Be it a high school diploma or any other diploma related to photography, or acting.

If you have been a participant in any activities related to the job you can include its achievements too.

Proofread Your CV

Modeling is about looks. The resume that you create should not misrepresent you. It should not have spelling and grammar mistakes when you forward it. Therefore provide accurate information. You can check it again and again before submitting it.

Do’s for modeling biodata in India

Use action words

Show your employer that you are a person on top when it relates to your achievements. Present them using action verbs. When you have performed several projects related to products on social media or handled other brands’ work, include it. Include words like posed, created, led, or modeled.

Focus on soft skills

As we all know practical skills are very important. While you work in the fashion industry, how your treat others decides how far you go. You can excel if you possess personal values at work.

Don’ts of model biodata in India

Avoid lengthy resume

Since the employers have very less time to explore your cv of modeling. Therefore it should not be more than 2 pages as it wastes their time. You can avoid mentioning any information that is outside the job description and not of concern for the job.

Use bullets and phrases to exhibit your text beautifully. Provide a brief about your accolades and notable presence in the best shows by you.

Don’t exclude to quantify the accolades

Make it possible to describe the work accolades you have received so far. Rather than mentioning you appeared in this or that name it as you have appeared 12 times in a particular event.

Don’t copy keywords mentioned in the job description

The job description contains some keywords that tell what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. You must not copy the keywords as it is. Rather you must think are you somewhere near to them. If yes, then you can write related keywords in your resume but not at all the same ones. The recruiter will judge whether you possess the skills related to keywords or not. Although he will call you for internet as your resume will be scanned in the applicant tracking system but you will further be rejected.

What you can include as a keyword in place of physically fit and good at spoken skills like strong communication skills and a physically fit model.

Modeling Resume Format Summary

Models who are looking for freelance work and other job contracts must have an impressive resume in hand to complete their resume.

The choice of resume format is complete for you. The attributes and other sections of your resume must include related information only. A resume for models must include special skills for modeling resume. Modeling Resume Format and acting can be created with the same format only.

Frequently asked questions on Modeling Resume Format
What is a modeling resume?

A modeling resume is a document that a model must possess while approaching a producer for her acting job. It is a very important document to complete your portfolio. Your portfolio can speak with your cv of modeling. Be it a male model, a female model, or a child model. Everyone needs to have biodata of modeling in India to enter this industry.

How to make a resume for child modeling?

To make a child modeling resume is very simple. We have listed the entire process to write a child-acting resume that you can explore and create for your child. It contains the entire thing you need to consider to be in for the acting job.

How to make a resume for modeling and acting?

A resume of modeling and acting is the same. You need to write the complete information in 2 pages at the most for this resume. One must follow the right format of acting resume that will help you present yourself better. You can check our article for better information in detail.

How to make a resume for modeling?

To make a modeling resume you have to provide your personal information, education details, experiences, objectives, achievements and salary expectation. The recruiter will read the information you have mentioned in your resume and call you for the interview.

What is a CV for a modeling job?

A cv for a modeling job is the job application document that a model needs to present before the directors to get the new modeling job. A resume for models is different from other resumes because this profession is very different from all other professions.