Ans. The report can purchase through a website called http://projectreportbank.com/ by adding it to the cart then checkout and make payment through the payment gateway. It’s a very easy process and easily understands.
Ans. Generally, we prepare reports within 5-7 days and available to our customers . We provide report in PDF formats on your WhatsApp contact or your email address for easy accessibility.
Ans. No, our Prices included all taxes, expenses.
Ans. Yes some basic advantages customer can get using project reports services like:1) Project report available as per your requirement and Convenience.2) You can request for a change in report number of times and data can be easily edited at you convenience
Ans. No, there is no signed or stamped required by CA to submit a project report in the bank, this is a plan or future data which is submitted by an entrepreneur in a bank or institution where applied for the loan.
Ans. Yes, Different types of projects report available on http://projectreportbank.com/ which can be used for Government Sponsored Scheme.
Ans. No, at present we are working through online platforms completely and there are no physical offices or branches available anywhere in India. As we feel its good option to work online and manage whole work through online systems.
Ans. No, at present we only prepare a project report and CMA Data for Bank Loan to make people available for people in easy ways and work fast.
Ans. Contact number available 9301130551 for WhatsApp messages and also live chat option available for instant work.
Ans. Yes, these are the general reports available on our website for everyone but as per your knowledge and convenience, you can add images and content in the report. On your personal request, we also provide reports in editable format word or excel with the help of our writers.
Ans. There is a team available which prepare project reports and it called Loan syndication team which consists of CA and finance professional to understand financial terms. There is a number of experts available for preparing different project reports on different kinds of business loans that include Restaurant project report, Real estate project report, Housing project report, MSME project report, CA project report and School project report, etc.
Ans. Yes, a person well knowledgeable can prepare his project report only thing is that person also strong in technical calculations else it is better to get prepare reports by an expert so that there is no chance of missing any information.
Ans. Yes, all financial projections and ratios included in our reports which are required by the bank, also on customer requirement additional images and content are added to the report.
Ans. A project report is basically detailed data provided by the entrepreneur to explain or list down all upcoming costs and revenues covering in the project report. This is a techno-economic feasibility report which banks need during application to understand businessman's model and vision and based on that banks will provide a loan. This is a layman explanation for financing purpose and different types of project reports are prepared for a different purpose.
Ans. A Project Report is a kind of document in which all the details mention with an overall picture of the suggested business. The project report explains the project proposal to ascertain the prospects of the proposed plan and it’s a kind of written document related to any investment. Project report depends on the type of business loan for which a businessman applies to get, this type of report support in understanding cost calculations for machinery part, raw material, etc or to start a new business or for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna. Therefore, first call customers to understand his or her loan requirement, purpose, and previous data if any, and mortgage requirement. By collecting all this information, project report prepared and funding requirements understand.
Ans. Project Report Bank website available to provide reports on different business ideas and it’s not taking any guarantee or warrantee for loan approval. Loan approval basically depends on the number of factors apart from projections like business profile, Promoters profile, Banks lending policies and CIBIL Score of Promoters, etc. Therefore, once you purchase the prepared project report and submit it further, no refund available from the Project Report Bank website.