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Are you looking for a driver resume format, you are at the right place. We are going to help you write the driver’s resume in easy steps. To be on the road is the game of wheels. Those who drive as part-time drivers or full-time can get more lucrative jobs in the transportation industry.

If you have the desire to be a full-time driver and get better opportunities on your way, the first thing you have to do is to create a resume for a driver job in India in India. You will also explore the outlook of this industry along with creating a driver CV in India on our website so that you can crack this job.  

Since the time of online shopping has touched the sky, the demand for drivers is also rising. Whether you are a delivery driver, truck driver or car driver, an attractive resume for driver job in India is the most important tool for you to get selected in the job you have applied for. Therefore the driver resume sample is of great help as it is designed to limelight the ability you possess for the job be it trustworthiness, efficiency or flexibility.

Choosing the Best Driver Job Resume Format

It is very important for you to clearly organize your company driver resume in India. All your driving experience is a waste if you can present it properly. A good driver biodata format allows ATS and hiring person to look for the information they want to read.

Use proper heading for education and experience so that the reader clearly finds out what you wish to tell him. The cv for driving job in India must include a header that has your name and contact detail mentioned in bold letters.

For the best driver resume format we insist you to avoid colors and extra designs. Readability is the key to success here.

If you don’t get time to create driver resume word format you can download our latest template of company driver resume and solve your problem. It has all that you are looking for. Simply pay us and get it in less time. All you need to do is to make desired changes and submit your driver job application.

Driver Resume For Job In India

If you are a driver and want a god job then you surely need a well written resume to forward further. If you lack skills to write a driver resume for job in India then we can assist you in that. You can simply pay us and get access to download a professionally written resume with updated format and get a call for interview. 

This resume will definitely help you to get a new job when you will present your efficiently written resume and your potential boss will know a lot about you from your resume. You can pay us once and use this resume for a long time till you want. 

What does a driver do?

Driver is basically a professional for transportation who moves passengers, vehicles and goods from one place to another. A driver tries hard to please clients, and provide them with efficient driving and safe journey. Drivers can read maps and find destinations faster. Drivers have good judgmental skills and can make decisions fast. A candidate is considered ideal for driver position when he has mechanical, trouble shooting and navigation skills in him.

Here and the duties and responsibilities of a driver

Help in loading cargos at shipping points and warehouses.

Help to deliver stuffs at homes and offices.

Deliver paper work and get the signatures of the customers.

Help with the payments of boss.

Take good care of vehicles and report for issues to their masters.

Clean the vehicles.

Pick and drop passengers.

Unload and load goods and belongings.

Avoid delays by following better routes.

Do’s For Driver Resume In India

Begin from Resume Summary: While creating a car driver resume you must start with driver resume summary that is the basic introduction of the driver. It should be short and only have the information that is read in short time by the employer. Include professional strengths here.

Highlight Strength As Driver: If you possess work experience as a driver in India, you can use chronological order and mention the experience there. Pat job information should be mentioned first. It can also contain the skills learned in the previous job.

Personalize the driver Bio data: You need not write the personal driver resume every time for a job application. You can simply update your skills and qualification for the next job.

Show achievements: Instead of writing the achievements and skills, you can present them in the data form and make it more attractive and easy to understand. You can get the job if your data presentation for accomplishments is nice.

Easy To Read Resume Format of a driver: The font should be attractive and readable. You must consider simple resume format for driver job so that it looks professional and exhibits you look serious for this post.

Write special Training: If you have undergone any special training, do list it. It will put a good impact and the aspirant will have more chances of getting selected as a driver.

Educational Qualification: As a driver you must mention the educational qualifications. Begin with the highest degree you have and pen down the things learnt. Also include your experience.

You can download here the format of resume for applying for accountant jobs in India.

Dont’s For Driver Biodata In India

Don’t include unwanted Certificates: You must not include the irrelevant certificates in the driver cv format in India. It can distract the reader. For example if you have a driving license for truck and here you are for the post of car driver, you need not specify such stuff.

Don’t ignore To Proofread: You can make mistakes while you write a driver bio data in India. Therefore before presenting it to the potential employer, you must proofread it a number of time, so that it doesn’t contain mistakes.

 Don’t choose Functional Resume: Since the functional resume highlights skills and not experience. For this post driver experience resume is more important so you can ignore functional format. If you have a gap before going for this job, that has to be mentioned using functional resume.

No Personal Details: There is hardly any need to mention personal information be it your Date of birth, sex, age, religion, etc., because all these are not concerned to your job as a driver.

Don’t create a Lengthy driving Resume: The job aspirant must try to finish the driving resume in India in one or two pages. There is very less time with the employers to read a lengthy resume that you submit. Keep it short and comprehended.

How To Put Drivers License In Resume?

If you have a driver’s license that is relevant to the job you’re applying for, you can include it in your resume. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Choose the Right Section: You can include your driver’s license information in the “Licenses and Certifications” or “Skills” section of your resume. Make sure the section you choose is appropriate for the type of job you’re applying for.
  • Format it Properly: Include the type of driver’s license you have (e.g., Class A, Class B, etc.), the state in which it was issued, and the expiration date. You can format this information in a separate line or in parentheses after your name and contact information.
  • Be Honest: Only include your driver’s license if it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for and you’re legally allowed to drive. Don’t include it if you’re not legally allowed to drive or if it’s not relevant to the job.
  • Provide Additional Information: If you have any additional certifications related to driving (e.g., a commercial driver’s license or a defensive driving certification), you can include those as well.

Here’s an example of how you could include your driver’s license information in your resume:


  • Class B Driver’s License, issued in California, expiring 07/2025
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), issued in Texas, expiring 05/2024
  • Remember to proofread your resume carefully and ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date before submitting it to potential employers.

How To Write A Resume For A Driver Job?

If you’re applying for a driver job, here are some tips for writing a resume that showcases your qualifications and experience:

  • Start with a strong objective statement: Your driver resume objective statement should clearly state the type of driver job you’re seeking and highlight your relevant experience and skills. For example, “Experienced commercial driver seeking a position with a reputable delivery company, with a proven track record of safe driving and on-time deliveries.”
  • List your driving experience: Include a section in your resume that details your driving experience, including the type of vehicles you’ve driven, the routes you’ve taken, and any relevant certifications you have (e.g., commercial driver’s license, hazardous materials endorsement). Be sure to highlight any experience that is specific to the job you’re applying for.
  • Highlight your safety record: Safety is a top priority for driver jobs, so make sure to emphasize your excellent driving record and any safety awards or recognitions you’ve received.
  • Include your technical skills: Many driver jobs require technical skills such as GPS navigation, vehicle maintenance, and record keeping. Be sure to highlight any technical skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Provide references: Include references from previous employers or other professionals who can vouch for your driving skills and work ethic.

How to write a driving resume in India?

  • Since the driving jobs may be of entry level and highly competitive. As a driver you can make good money. But you may face shortage of time . Some big companies require a good number of drivers to deliver their goods but insist them to first gain experience by working in their warehouses. To beat the competition you will therefore require a good car driver resume word format in India.
  • The first thing you must do is read the job description a number of times and thing that the skills demanded in the driver are in you or not. Whether it is customer service, quick delivery or road safety. This information needs to be addressed by you in your resume so that you can prove you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for.
  • Your resume should showcase that you have the ability to make the travel safe and ensure proper functioning of the vehicle. He should have knowledge about the system of vehicles and issues related to it. The ones who has excellent navigation skills and soft skills will surely get through this job.

You can download the format of resume for applying for nurse jobs in India here.

Which Driver’s Resume Templates Can I Download Here?

You can download the following templates of driver resume format pdf immediately for a small fee.

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Chauffeur Driver Resume Drivers License Examiner Resume Professional Driver Resume
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Class C Driver Resume Driver Cover Letter TemplateShuttle Driver Resume
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Important skills needed for driver jobs

The movement of people and goods from one place to another needs a good knowledge of driving and skills to communicate with the passengers, employers and customers. From driving safely to operating the vehicles properly needs some crucial skills.

Drivers are only responsible for safety of passengers and goods. Therefore essential skills need to be there in the drivers.

Interpersonal skills

While you are into the driving job, it doesn’t mean you are forlorn on the road. You are rather surrounded by vehicles and people. So you must possess interpersonal skills so that you can talk softly with people and deal them properly. Good interpersonal skills help you get out of tough disagreements and dangerous situations.

A driver needs to be in touch with the managers ands supervisors so that he can convey that the goods are packed, weighed and counted accurately to move with him and delivered properly.


Drivers should stay calm in case of technical issues and accidents due to heavy traffic. He must avoid risky routes and treat customers and passengers with patience. And give good service to them. If there is some problem on the way like accident or damage, it must be conveyed or a complaint must be filed to report the mishappening.


It is important for a driver to stay conscious and follow the traffic rules so that he can avoid troubles. If the driver is attentive, he can get to know the upcoming threats and carry goods safely. He must follow all safety measures.

Navigation skills

A driver must know how to navigate in the area you have assigned him. If the driver is out for pick and drop off, he must know the access to google maps or route finders to save fuel and time.


A driver must work independently. If he has passengers in the vehicle or not, the driver must take the responsibility of the trip. He must plan the route, pick and drop smoothly and fix if there is any problem in the vehicle.


There may be a number of problems for the driver on their way, so they must be able to solve them intelligently. He should be able to resolve the unexpected troubles with the best of his ability. Critical thinking and problem solving skills can make a good record of the driver.

Driver Resume Summary

An organized resume for driver in India has all the skills and experience required for this job. Therefore to grab the attention of the potential employer, you can create a driving resume in India from your website. All you need to do is to pay a minimal charge and you get the latest updated driver bio data that you can use to present in front of the hiring managers.

While you write resume for driver in India, make sure it passes through ATS so that you use the proper keywords and good language needed for the job. Keep good balance of white space of text and make a simple bio data for driver to attract the potential employers.

Use our latest layout for driver CV in India and solve your problem. You will get a handout of the template for driver resume and create one for yourself easily. It will save your time for sure.

You can download the format of resume for the job of Content Writer in India here.

Frequently asked questions on resume format for driver job
Where can I get the driver resume format in word?

If you are looking for car driver driver CV format in ms word, we can help you with that. You can easily explore our latest layout of driver biodata in India and download them by paying us. The templates for driver resume format are going to be very useful to you in future also because you will only have to add the updated information and your cv of drier will get ready for the job.

Which is the best resume format for driver job in India?

Well, the best resume format for driver in India is functional because it just requires you to mention the skills you possess. All you need to do is mention them and create your driver resume easily in India. If you have gaps in your job due to any reason, you can mention it in the functional format of driver resume.

How to write cv for delivery driver in India?

To write bio data for delivery driver is very easy. You can follow the steps we have mentioned in our article and create one for your self. It is very easy to write a cv for delivery driver on our website.

How to write CV for a driving job?

If you are looking forward to create a bio data for driving job in India, then you can take guidance from the instructions below. 1) Mention professional summary 2) Skills that you possess 3) Work experience 4) Education 5) Hobbies and Interest.

What is the resume for driver word format?

The resume for driver that you can download in ms word format is the one you are looking for here. You can therefore get a driver resume on our website and use it according to your need. It will save a lot of time because we have ready made templates of driver resume in India on our website.

Where can I get the latest designs of driver resume?

You can get the latest designs of driver bio data on our website. Explore and find the one that suits best for your requirement. A resume of driver is the first thing that will leave an impact on the potential employers so choose the best one from our website.

What should be the format of a driver's resume?

The format of a driver's resume should be clear and easy to read, with headings that highlight your qualifications and experience. Use bullet points to make your resume easy to scan and avoid long paragraphs. Keep it concise and to the point, and use a professional font and layout.

How can I highlight my driving experience on my resume?

You can highlight your driving experience by including a dedicated section in your resume that details the types of vehicles you've driven, the routes you've taken, and any relevant certifications or licenses you hold. Be sure to emphasize your safety record and any awards or recognitions you've received for safe driving.

What skills should I include on my driver's resume?

Some skills that are important for a driver's resume include safe driving skills, familiarity with GPS navigation systems, vehicle maintenance skills, record-keeping skills, and communication skills. You should also highlight any specialized skills or knowledge that are relevant to the type of driving job you're applying for.

How can I make my driver's resume stand out?

To make your driver's resume stand out, be sure to highlight your relevant experience and skills in a clear and concise manner. Use industry-specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Provide quantifiable metrics where possible, such as the number of miles driven, the number of deliveries made, or the number of satisfied customers.

Should I include references on my driver's resume?

It's a good idea to include references on your driver's resume, as this can help to reinforce your qualifications and experience. However, make sure to obtain permission from your references before listing them on your resume, and be sure to provide their full contact information, including their name, title, phone number, and email address.

What should I avoid putting on my driver's resume?

You should avoid including personal information that is not relevant to the job, such as your age, marital status, or hobbies. You should also avoid including any negative information, such as past accidents or driving violations. Finally, be sure to proofread your resume carefully and avoid any spelling or grammar errors.

Should I include a photo on my driver's resume?

No, it's not necessary to include a photo on your driver's resume. In fact, it's generally best to avoid including any personal information that's not directly relevant to the job you're applying for. Instead, focus on highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications.

How can I showcase my customer service skills on my driver's resume?

To showcase your customer service skills on your driver's resume, you can include details about your interactions with customers and any feedback you've received. For example, you can mention how you've handled difficult situations with customers or how you've gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. You can also include any customer service training you've received, such as conflict resolution or communication skills.

Should I include my driving record on my driver's resume?

It's generally not necessary to include your driving record on your driver's resume, as employers will likely conduct their own background checks as part of the hiring process. However, if you have a particularly strong driving record, you can mention it in your resume to emphasize your safe driving skills.

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