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Doctors who are looking for Doctor Resume Format to write a Resume are at the right hub. Doctors are responsible to maintain and restore their patient’s health through their treatment and medication. Their main duty lies in examining the patient, checking their medical history, diagnosing the problem, and giving them proper treatment for their well-being.

A doctor needs to acquire an MD Degree and training in the specialization. A doctor can mend a broken bone, cure skin disease, and operate on the brain. A competent professional, intelligent, superior and sincere is of great help to society.

For getting a good job as a doctor in a reputed hospital, you need to write an attractive doctor resume india that can grab the attention of potential employers and you can get the job. Therefore to build a winning CV by checking out our Sample resume for doctors in India will help you get the limelight at the job interview.

Resume For Doctor In India

It is very important for a doctor to present a perfect resume for a new job. As a doctor is a professional with the most reputed degree. He needs to present that in a well written manner as well. If you don’t know how to write a resume for yourself. Then you need not worry because we can make your task easy. 

We have written a few formats that can definitely solve your problem. You can henceforth present the best doctor resume in a hospital and grab your new job. This resume will get you can call from your would be boss. You just need to pay a very reasonable amount to us and here you can get access to download the resume from us. You can even use this resume format for a number of time you want.

What Do Doctors Do?

Medicine is the world’s highest-paid profession and respectable too. A doctor is a lifesaver and so he works hard to safeguard the most precious asset of our life. There is no other field that needs so many years of education and practice along with the on-job training. Therefore a doctor is a hard worker and needs to be highly paid.

A well-presented resume for duty doctor gets you an interview call when you present your accolades and objectives in a meaningful manner.

You must know what to include in a CV of a doctor to get the best job in India. We are going to give you all the knowledge in our article below.

Best Doctor Resume Format in India

The most famous resume format for doctors in India for doctors is the chronological format that you can use when you have a lot of experience and are a trained doctor. This resume format is the first choice of recruiters as well. You can check the latest format in our Sample resume for doctors in India. 

You can list your doctor’s resume under the employer’s heading so that you can perfectly match the job position. This doctor’s resume format is the same as the Business resume format for Doctors for coronavirus. 

If you are not much experienced but have been working independently, and consulting self patients, you can use a functional doctor resume format india when you want the job because you don’t have previous job experience.

The functional format will let you focus on your skills that will match the job description and skills in it. The hybrid format of a resume for a doctor is used when you have a mixed kind of work experience and is adaptable. The hybrid format is used less. 

You can choose any doctor resume template for doctors freshers for coronavirus from the ones mentioned here. 

How To Write A Doctor Biodata in India

Create a resume structure

When you begin writing your Curriculum vitae for doctors in India, you must use the best font style and size. The best font size is 14 and the style is Arial. You must keep your resume for doctors india simple and standardized. The text should be in a format that is properly readable to the recruiter and contain proper line spacing.

You must keep your resume in PDF form and include the following points.


In the header, you must list your name, contact details, present designation as a doctor and e-mail address. This will let the hiring personnel get back to you quickly as soon as your fresher doctor resume comes on the shortlisted ones. You will then be there for the interview.

Profile Summary

Show a brief description of your medical accolades and include the ones you feel will put your best impression on the recruiter.

An important part of a Curriculum vitae for doctors in India is a profile summary that tells about you in brief. It briefs your accolades and lets the recruiter know you are equipped. Thus the recruiter finds you suitable for the post.

You must highlight a broad vision as a specialized doctor and state experience too. You can number your achievements and if you are a fresher as a doctor, you can include your objective for the job and the experienced one can give a career summary.

Doctor Biodata Summary

The doctor resume summary is the best time to create an opportunity for yourself. It is the time to present yourself in a manner that the job becomes yours. The employers put their eye first on your biodata summary. You can describe your best qualities and fill the medical position.

If you don’t present yourself nicely, the hiring personnel can choose someone else over you. He might only spend a few seconds only on your CV and you have to win him in those few seconds only.

Begin with your strengths and lead, giving no chance to the other candidates to win. Design your doctor resume sample in a manner that is worth reading. If you can’t present yourself with your 100%, no one else would. If you wish to join a hospital or a private practice, looking for some shift, need to design your CV fabulously.

Job Experience Of Doctor

Include information about your previous jobs and state it in chronological order. It will describe your information better. Include your accolades too in the past work field.

In the experience section, you can include the work history and responsibilities along with duties at your previous job. You can mention the related work experience too. When you write your job title, the employment duration is also written.

State your responsibilities and duties as a doctor in that particular institution or hospital and proceed further. Include action words rather than long sentences.

Educational Qualifications

This section of your mbbs doctor resume explains important points about your school and college degrees and the marks you obtained in the education sector. You must write about your education in this section of your resume so that the recruiter knows your specialization and qualification. You can also mention your certifications in practice or internships. Mention the name of the renowned institutions too from where you studied MBBS and MD.


Being a doctor, during your internship or practice, if you got some certifications, you can include them too. But they should be other than your education.

Key Skills

As a doctor, you need to possess several skills that are hard and soft. You can include them in your CV depending upon the skills listed in the job description.

To get to know which skills you must include in your CV, you must create a list of skills that are there in the job description and then make a list of the skills you have among them. Thus you can write the related skills in the resume.

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The Key Skills For  A Doctor

  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Care
  • Leadership

Add additional Activity

You can create an additional section that can help you include the additional activities you must have undertaken during college or school. This helps the recruiter know your additional talents and he can judge you which can help him decide if he can hire you or not.

Include your certifications also. If you have done any volunteer tasks, include them as well. If you know any foreign language that can be a plus point for you.

How To Make Resume For MBBS Doctor?

Here are some tips on how to make a resume for an MBBS doctor:

  • Start with a professional summary that highlights your years of experience, key skills, and any areas of specialization.
  • Include your contact information, such as your name, phone number, email address, and location.
  • Highlight your education, including your MBBS degree and any additional certifications or training you have completed.
  • Provide an overview of your professional experience, including your work history and any relevant clinical rotations or internships.
  • Focus on your key accomplishments, such as successful patient outcomes, publications, or awards.
  • Highlight any areas of specialization or expertise, such as surgical procedures or medical research.
  • Include any relevant skills or technical abilities, such as proficiency in electronic medical records or medical imaging software.
  • Customize your resume to the specific job you are applying for, highlighting any relevant experience or skills that match the job description.
  • Make sure to proofread your resume carefully and check for typos or formatting errors.

By following these tips, you can create a professional and effective resume that showcases your qualifications and experience as an MBBS doctor.

Tips For A Doctor’s Resume

Following are the expert tips that you must use to write a doctor’s biodata in India. If you follow these tips you can get the job of your choice.

  • The first and foremost part of a CV is your job experience and accolades. So you must focus on this and write related and best information in this section. The recruiter will only be impressed by reading how much expertise you have.
  • Use action verbs at the beginning of every sentence. It will add a good impression on the recruiter rather than writing old laymen’s style for him. Action verbs will make your resume engaging and it will look fresh.
  • Mention tangible metrics to prove your work and Quantify them. You can state your work experience in numbers and showcase your accolades and abilities.
  • The professional summary is important for a doctor’s CV in India and it represents your position at your present job. It will let the recruiter decide which post to give you in the hospital and know the responsibilities to put on your shoulders.
  • You must state your objective properly and clearly define how you would be beneficial to the employer. You must include valuable stuff for these types of questions so that you can impress the potential boss.
  • Be genuine and specific. You must try hard to judge the requirement of the recruiter and showcase that you are an able candidate for his post.

How To Write A Resume For A Doctor Job In India?

To create a standout resume for a doctor job in India, you can follow these unique and creative tips:

  • Use a professional yet engaging tone in your resume to showcase your personality and passion for healthcare.
  • Highlight any experience you have working with diverse patient populations, as this is increasingly important in India’s multicultural society.
  • Include any research or academic achievements that demonstrate your commitment to advancing medical knowledge and patient care.
  • Use bullet points to make your resume easy to scan and highlight your key skills and accomplishments.
  • Consider including a personal statement that highlights your unique strengths and qualifications.
  • Customize your resume to the specific job you are applying for, emphasizing any relevant experience or skills.
  • Use keywords from the job description to help your resume stand out in applicant tracking systems.

Do’s For Doctor’s Resume

Include Your Qualifications

Your qualifications are very important to include in the CV of a doctor. Also mention in detail your training and certification. The recruiter would like to read about your experience too. So write it in a manner that strikes the mind of the recruiter and he gets you on the job.

Write separately for education and certifications and include accolades too. Use bullets to state them impressively and lure the heart of your potential employer.

Write Your Resume According To Job Description

You must write your CV about the job description. The resume must contain the stuff that is according to the demand of the recruiter. He is never interested to read the stuff that doesn’t connect with his post.

You can state the skills that are related to the job description so that your CV is selected for interview. Therefore personalize your resume and get the job. We can help you create your customized Resume For Doctor in India very quickly that you will be able to use for future jobs also.

Include Action Verbs

Energize Your CV using action verbs. Begin your sentences with phrases like “held responsible for” rather than stating “I was responsible for” in your previous job.

It gives a good impression to the recruiter and he comes to know that you were at a good role in the previous organization.  Include the successful tasks you did, and elaborate on them. Use action verbs to state this stuff.

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Don’ts For Doctor Resume

Don’t Hide Employment Gap

You might have some employment gap due to any reason. The recruiter must know about it. You can simply state the gap of the particular time in your CV. Later during the interview, the recruiter might question you on that and you can explain him wisely. It is better to tell him about the gap prior and bear it. Seeing your honesty may get you a job.

You can talk about the job experience and the gap in a positive manner because everyone tries to understand a genuine concern.

Don’t Overstate the accolades and skills

You must not lie when you mention your achievements and skills in the doctor’s CV in India. Use numbers and quantify your facts so that you can prove you are not concealing any important information.

You must not over flaunt yourself as the recruiter will consider you as self-obsessed and subside you from this job position. You must have proof of all the achievements you have mentioned.

Proofread Your Document

A spelling error or wrong sentence can spoil your reputation in front of the recruiter. It is always advised to proofread your resume several times and even tell your close friend also to do it for you because you will get to know your mistake and correct it in no time.

Then you must present your CV to the concerned party so that they may not find any mistakes in your CV. Keep your information up to date, correct and accurate so that the recruiter likes you and your CV.

Doctor Resume Layout and Design

A clear, precise and crisp resume layout and design are very important for a doctor’s CV. You must present your CV to gain the reader’s attention. You can explore sample resumes for BAMS doctors

An organized and balanced CV is easy to read. Keep it clean, and concise. Keep it simple but attractive. From fonts to margins to line spacing, the entire space and colour should be reader-friendly.

You need to be extra careful so that you can properly create and edit your resume so that it gets in during the ATS check. Save the doctor resume format pdf in your system and re-use it whenever you want.

You can choose the best layout of a resume for a doctor that is hassle-free from our website and keep it for future use.

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The doctor’s job market is always strong and their specializations are fewer too. Therefore they can easily get a job if they are talented. Since it is hard to be a surgeon, and a psychiatrist so is to get the job. You must crack the interview for the job in these fields.

Therefore present your resume wisely to get one. Along with this, intelligence is important to give a cutthroat competition and win over it and for that, your resume should be strong.

Frequently Asked Questions On Doctor Resume Format
Where can I get Doctor CV Example India?

You can get the doctor CV Example in India on our website because we have created several latest designs and layouts of doctor resume for you so that you need not make any effort. All you need is to fill your details in the updated doctor resume layouts.

How To Write A CV as a doctor?

To write a doctor CV is not stressful now. Our website has all the latest professional resume templates for MBBS doctors for you so that you can use them and professionally present your details to get the job of your choice.

Which is the best resume format for MBBS?

There is no best format. You need to choose one of the three formats available to you. The best for you is the one that matches your requirement according to your skills, objectives and work experience. Choose the resume format wisely. Read the article on our website to get complete information.

Where can I get a doctor's resume for a job?

You can get the resume format for a job on our website. We have several latest and updated resume designs that will make your work easy. You can explore them according to your work experience and download them.

Where can I get the best doctor resume template?

If you are looking for the updated template for a doctor resume then you can get our designs of doctor resume word format so that you can modify it for later use as well. It is very simple and easy to get it on our website.

Where can I get the doctor resume format word file.

The benefit of a word file is that you can keep it for later use. Doctor resume for job word file download is available on our website. You can get it and use it when you change your job later also. You will have to only update your details in it.

What CV template can I use for the resume of a medical doctor?

You can use the best CV template for a doctor from our website because we have updated the latest layouts and designs of medial biodata for you so that you can use it and modify according to your credentials.

What should I include in my education section in resume format for doctors?

You should include your MBBS degree and any additional certifications or training you have completed, including the name of the institution, the location, and the year of completion.

Should I include my GPA in resume for duty doctor?

While it's not necessary to include your GPA, you can do so if it's impressive or if the job listing specifically requests it.

How should I format resume for doctors India?

Use a simple and professional doctor resume format india, with clear headings and bullet points to make it easy to read. Use a readable font and stick to a black-and-white color scheme.

How do I highlight my clinical experience in fresher doctor resume?

Focus on your key clinical experiences, including any rotations, internships, or residencies, and highlight the skills and procedures you have mastered.

Should I include my research experience in resume format for doctors freshers?

Yes, if you have conducted research in your field, you should include it in your resume, highlighting any publications, presentations, or awards.

What should I include in my personal statement in resume for doctors India?

Your personal statement should briefly introduce yourself and highlight your key strengths, skills, and qualifications as a doctor. Focus on what makes you unique and stand out as a candidate.

What are some tips for making my doctor resume more engaging?

To make your doctor resume more engaging, you can use a professional yet personable tone that showcases your personality and passion for healthcare. You can also use bullet points to make your resume easy to scan and highlight your key skills and accomplishments. Including a personal statement can also add a touch of personality and make your resume stand out.

How can I showcase my expertise in a particular medical specialty on my doctor resume?

You can showcase your expertise in a particular medical specialty by highlighting any specialized training, certifications, or experience you have in that area. You can also mention any research or publications related to that specialty. Emphasizing any notable achievements, such as successful surgeries or treatment outcomes, can also demonstrate your expertise.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a doctor resume?

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a doctor resume include including too much irrelevant information, such as unrelated work experience or hobbies. It's also important to avoid errors in spelling and grammar, as these can make a negative impression. Make sure to customize your resume for the specific job you're applying for and avoid using overly technical or jargon-heavy language.

How can I demonstrate my commitment to patient care on my doctor resume?

You can demonstrate your commitment to patient care by highlighting any experience you have working with diverse patient populations, as well as any patient education or counseling experience. Including any awards or recognition you have received for patient care can also demonstrate your commitment to quality care. Emphasizing any volunteer work or community service related to healthcare can also showcase your dedication to helping others.

How should I format my doctor resume to make it easy to read?

To make your doctor resume easy to read, use a simple and professional format with clear headings and bullet points. Use a readable font and stick to a black-and-white color scheme. Make sure to use appropriate margins and spacing to make your resume visually appealing and easy to follow.