Top 10 business ideas in Chennai

Business Ideas in Chennai 2022 Top 10

Are you looking for some start-up business ideas in Chennai? Do you want to start business in Chennai in the year 2022? If you are looking for answers to these two important questions, then you are at absolutely right place as we are providing top 10 business ideas in Chennai.

Chennai is the business hub located in the southeastern corner of the country. This is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is known for its automobile industries and allied products. Almost one-third of the total automobile industry of the country is situated here. Due to the popularity and large-scale automobile business sector, this city is known as the ‘Detroit of India.’ Apart from the automobile industry, this city also offers a lot of other business-related opportunities for individuals. Knowing the local languages and dialect can help one have a strong foot in here. It is a business hub and a wonderful place to start a small business for the locals.

Chennai also has a strong foothold in the IT industry. A lot of leading IT companies have their branches here. Hence, people from different corners of the country come here for job purposes. Chennai is beaming with opportunities. But before you start, you need to know some basic points first. You have to find out your passion and the requirements of the locals. You want people to come to your shop and buy your products. Now, if they do not need your product, why would they spend their hard-earned money? Therefore, it is the most important thing for you to find the nerve of the localities.

Things to consider while starting any business ideas in Chennai:

You can be a student, a graduate, a homemaker, or even a retired person; if you have the wish for a successful business, age is not a barrier. But before you step out spending a lot of money, you have to know a few points. Please go through this segment to know what you require while starting your business in Chennai.

Have a clear vision and a great idea: You can’t become a good businessman until you have a clear vision and a great business idea. You need to have a clear vision of what you will achieve in the coming years. You will also need to find a great idea. Once you have a fulfilling idea, funding will automatically come in.

Get investors lined up: Funding is the next big step. If you want to have a successful business, you need to have money flowing in from different sources. If your business idea has lots of potential, you will find people and companies pouring money into your business. If your business thrives in a small-time, you will see people pouring their trust on you.

Channelize your fund properly: Now you have an idea and have a lot of money in hand, but, no business will flourish without proper planning. For this step, you need an experienced person who knows how to channel your budget. You need someone who knows where to put all the money so that it can benefit you in the best possible way.

Before investing in startup ,study the following points

Know your competitors well: Here comes the market research part. You have to know your competitors in the market well. You have to know every information about their business and what exactly they are putting in the business that helped them grow. You have to know their current statistics and have to follow their ups and downs in the market. This will give you a clear view of what to do and what not to do.

Investment of hope and positivity: Apart from money, you need to invest your time and effort in a business. You must not lose hope if the initial paths are a bit rough. When someone starts something, he faces problems. You need to understand this and must not lose any hope. Just stick to your hunch and work towards the betterment of your company. Soon, you can see the light on the other side of the tunnel.

Complete legal documentation: Proper legal documentation is very necessary for any business. If you have a sole proprietorship or a partnership business, you must understand the importance of legal documents. In every step of your business, this legal document will be required. Hence, you must go for a complete one in the first place.

Ask for help: You have to plan your business properly and need to know every step. A successful business grows only when you know every step ahead of time. Nothing is done alone. You need someone’s help at different steps. But you need to know where you will need that help.

List of Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Chennai

Now that you know what factors you need to remember to have a great business, here are the top 10 business ideas that can fetch you good money in Chennai. These ideas will help you grow a small yet successful business within a small time. If you have passion and knowledge of any of these, you must arrange some funding and start your business soon.

Automobile Parts:

As we told you earlier, the automobile parts sector is one of the most lucrative ones in Chennai. Chennai caters to more than 40% of the automotive car parts business of the whole country. If you have a niche in this business ideas and have contacts in Chennai, this can be really beneficial for you. The government also tries to tie up with different private organizations to boost this sector in the coming years. So the opportunity of this business is huge as of now.

If you are an outsider, you just need to be very cautious before starting this business. You have to find local suppliers and need to learn local languages to run your business successfully. The city is becoming smarter each passing day, so the requirement for automobile parts will also increase with time. Also read business plan and project report on the under mention business.

Automobile WorkshopEV Charging Station
Car Wash UnitWheel Balancing & Alignment
Delivery services ideas in Chennai
Delivery Services:

A lot of people flock around Chennai these days due to the increased number of IT companies across the city. Several people from different corners of the country live here and work in those IT companies. Ordering food and other stuff online is quite easy and stress-free for them. Hence, the delivery business ideas is blooming over time in Chennai. If you want to have a successful and profitable business, this can be your pick.

You can work as a freelancer and deliver stuff from door to door. You can also run a delivery company where you need to contact the beverage companies and other companies and deliver their stuff. In the case of the second option, you can hire some people to fulfill the tasks.

Electronics shop and repairing service ideas in Chennai
Electronics Shop and Repairing Showroom:

With several people gathered in Chennai, the need for electronics appliances and mobile phones will also increase. So setting up an electronics shop here can be very profitable. Many people upgrade their mobile phones every year. So, you can have a lucrative business out of it. As many people buy mobile phones, they will also need someone to repair their phones.

Setting up an electronics shop and repairing-showroom can be really beneficial in your case. You can tie up with popular brands and apply for their franchise store. You need to undergo a small training, and then you can start your own business and earn a lot out of it. Also read business plan & project report on electronic repair service.

IT Company:

If you started your career as an executive or employee of an IT company, you understand the tasks well. Chennai has a lot of opportunities for IT companies business ideas. Sometimes smaller companies cannot afford big names in the market. But they need someone to complete their tasks successfully. If you start your own company in Chennai, initially, you have to offer different services to your clients. From web development, mobile app development, back-end management, software development to website maintenance work, a lot of tasks are awaiting an IT company.

If you have certain experience in this field, you can go for this company. The world is getting digitally smarter with each passing day. If you understand these tasks and can finish up the job on time, you can set up your own company in Chennai.

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Setting up an event management company:

Event management companies earn a lot of money from every event they cover. If you have a good team and good PR skills, then you can easily bag some wonderful projects. Setting up an event management company doesn’t require a lot of money. You just have to plan properly and hire some creative people in your team. Together you can create some amazing events. As many corporate projects take place in Chennai, you can bag yourself many projects across the year.

Not only corporate projects but private occasions are also there. You can arrange marriage functions and other events as well. You can earn yourself a lot of money from these events. So, start your company today, and in no time soon, your company can start arranging some high-end events.

Digital marketing startup
Digital Marketing:

With the increased popularity of online marketing, companies started cutting down their offline marketing budget to a great extent. Now, you need to hire a talented digital marketing company, and they will plan everything within no time. These companies will also handle your social media commitments. In today’s world, every company has a prominent social media presence. These digital marketing companies will also make your job easier.

They will deploy one of their talented and knowledgeable officers for your company. The person will curate all your social media posts and make sure that you have a prominent presence on all social media handles. This will increase your popularity among the masses.

Event Photography Company:

Good photographers are always in demand from corporate events to private functions. If you are creative enough and have a good eye for frames, this is the perfect job for you. Remember, when you choose this profession, you are responsible for making your clients look good on screen. So, nurture your creative side and find some amazing and beautiful ideas for event photography.

No event is accomplished without some good photographs. So, these photographers are always in demand. If you have a good track record and some of your friends refer you to their friends and family, then you can start off with some amazing projects.

Small Food Business Ideas in Chennai:

You can start your food joint business ideas within the heart of the Chennai city. If you are a true food lover and can gauge the nerve of your clients, then this is the best option for you. If you are selling food items, then you need to know how creatively you should present your dishes. You have to bring something new to the plate, and of course, you have to present your food to your clients in a creative way.

Showcase your love of food, and you shall bag some contacts for different events. You have to offer local cuisine along with international and other state cuisines. If your food is flavorful, then people will start recommending your business to others. In no time soon, you can start getting events across the year.

Read the article and our project report based on the following topics.

Food TruckFast Food Restaurant

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Colloquial Language Tuition:

If you are a local person and know the local language of Chennai properly, you can start your local language class business ideas online and offline. Many people come to Chennai for job purposes and face a lot of problems due to the language barrier. But, if you give some time, you can learn the local language. You do not need to become a language expert, but you can learn basic communication within a few weeks. This is also very important for people that come here for business.

You can start online classes too. Online classes have huge tenure. You can take online classes after completing your other tasks. So, if you know the language well, start helping others and earn money out of it.

Car Rental Service:

Employees need to go to their respective PGs or houses after a hectic day. You can start your own car rental business ideas in the Chennai market. If you offer lucrative offers and a good deal, companies may allow you to showcase your project. Once you bag two to three daily rental jobs, you can start earning money out of it. These employees also go for weekend trips or on vacations. For those occasions also they need cars.

Search the internet and get ideas about this business. You can ask for suggestions from your friends and family as well.


These are the top 10 business ideas in Chennai and can earn you a lot of money. You just need to have a clear vision and proper ideas about the business. If you can start soon, you will be earning a lot of money and creating a fortune for yourself.

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