Acceptance of Conditions

The Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions (called “the Agreement”) develop a valid agreement in-between the affiliate members (called “the Affiliate”) and Project report Bank Consultancy Services (called “the Business”), the lawful owner of this domain name and website (called “the Website”). 

The branch also called as a “Party” and together called parties. The Affiliate Program (called “The Program”) permits the members to encourage the organization services and get a commission with the below conditions. The affiliate accepts and agrees by these terms and conditions by entering and take part in the program.

How to Become an Affiliate

To be capable as an affiliate of the program, candidates should register through the Project Report bank website account. The affiliate link (an exceptional affiliate URL) may generate in the name of account holder after an account and profile created, which can be open by navigating to the members found in the footer side menu of this

The program is made accessible to any person, commerce or the organization that qualifies the Terms of Service.

Roles and Responsibilities of Affiliate

The main responsibility of the affiliate is to update the profile and provide updated and accurate information during enrollment of the program.

The companies have complete right to contact the affiliate and ask for additional information in respect of each site where affiliate raise Project Report bank as well as the advertising practices used by the affiliate, where they must provide complete and trustworthy information.

In this occasion, the affiliate finds out the outlines in the practices used by the affiliate that results in referring customers those are not in good condition, and the company claims all authority to suspend or end the Affiliate account and not pay commission instalments due by the company to the affiliate. 

The affiliate should act insincerity in his/her promotional practices and also consult clients in good standing:-

The affiliate should not take any actions or make suggestions to their referrals which lead to possible revenue loss.

The affiliate not utilize on the sake of the referrals or use their referrals to utilized copyright or copy third party material on their websites given by project report bank, without authors permission. The affiliate can use only commercial material which is accepted by the company.

Unsuitable Use of this Unique Affiliate Link

Utilizing any unlawful approach or idea for promotions like undesirable e-mail, the unauthorized setting of this connect in gatherings, newsgroups, message sheets, etc.

Utilizing it outlines or a few other strategies or advances that place your member following cookie from any way aside from genuine click-through.

Utilizing connect cover or strategies with the wish to advertise Project Report Bank on sites or systems perhaps not specified within the affiliate profile and also conjointly to hide that activity asset.

The company has complete right to check whether a promotional idea which is used by the affiliate is right or wrong. The result may be a caution or end of the affiliate accounts if the affiliate improperly uses the company an advertising method.

The affiliate is required taking after publicizing directions to reveal the partner associated with the company on its website.

Affiliate websites must NOT contain dirty or illegal material or pornographic data or any other fabric that’s considered to be objectionable.

How the Affiliate Works

When activity to your location clicks the Affiliate or partner link, a cookie is set within the browser permitting the company to screen the activity; consequently, you suggest them as they subscribe to administrations. The users you mention do not get to purchase immediately since the rolls final up to 07 days after the introductory visit.

If the customer removes cookies, then the business is not responsible for the same. The affiliate will receive commission only once the facilitating stock is bought and URL provided to the profile and customer successfully pay for each receipt or invoice.

Project Report bank has the right to remove all products from affiliate commission that were taken through promotions or by given discount.

How have Affiliate Commission Payments done?

All commission cost is paid in INR rupees, and all payments gather throughout the month for all services and list Commission report is e-mailed on 1st of every month to uncover the total current balance.

Standard commission instalments are made on the 15th of each month Unless the 15th falls on an end of the week or a bank-recognized holiday,  in which case commissions will be paid to the following next working day.

Cancellation of Agreement

The affiliate can cancel the relationship at any time with the company through means of mail. The Affiliate connection will be cancelled promptly upon receipt and processing of this cancellation appeal and a few commissions earned will be paid during the coming month payout.

The company can cancel the Affiliate relationship at any time.

Using these methods, the relationship can be cancelled:

By giving seven days’ notice without explaining. Any pending dues payout at the cancellation time.

If the affiliate program does not comply, then affiliate immediately cancels without any notice. In that case, no warnings were given, and commission payments can behold.

If the affiliate not given any earnings for one month or more then relationship cancel without any prior notice.

The conclusion of a Member account, the company will not track the deals related with the associate and won’t owe any commissions to the associate for future deals or known clients.

Limitation of Obligation

The company saves the correct to modify the Arrangements specified over of Benefit at any time. Such adjustments will get to be compelling and official after their Post on the organization’s site. The member concurs to frequently audit the Member Program Conditions of Benefit and be mindful of the changes made. Continuing to require portion within the Partner application after a modification has been posted, The Associate concurs to tolerate by them.

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