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The latest updated Advocate Resume Format is available with us that you can get in a very short moment. An advocate is required for all industries in India to handle their legal dealings. An Advocate helps a company in its law-making, getting contracts and negotiating.

Once your education and certification are available to you. So you need to create a resume for bank panel advocate India so that your job-seeking efforts are successful. If you want to apply for the vacancy of an Advocate, you must understand how to create a resume so that you get this job.

This article will guide you about how Advocates create their resumes and get several Advocate resume layouts here that will help you get your resume.

Advocate Resume Format

The format that you need to choose for your resume as a criminal lawyer is of three types. You will be glad to know that resume format for advocate download is quick to do. 

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Chronological Resume Format For Advocate

A very common format for resume for lawyer job application in India that employers prefer is the chronological format. As an Advocate, you can present your work experience in chronological order with the latest on top. It helps the hiring manager know about your latest job experience.

It suits the Advocates who are into a long work history as an advocate and are in the same line of the job as the recruiter wants to hire.

If you are a career changer, this resume format is surely not for you. If your work experience is in a different industry, you can avoid this format and as far the structure of chronological format is concerned then. Let me tell you it includes an attractive summary that you be clear and easy to read.

Education, certifications and skills are also part of this format. You can include the experience section also to mention all these under one section.

Functional Format of Human Rights Lawyer CV

A functional Resume Format allows you to highlight your work history and skills that highlight your abilities. It is a skill-based advocate resume sample India that includes job titles along with the dates on top.

If you are a frequent job changer or have gaps in work history, you can use this format. Law students who are about to enter the job industry can create their resumes using the functional format of resumes. The freshers who don’t have a work history can opt for this resume format because they can share their motivation, negotiation and persuasion skills with the company.

If you are a fresher, then only this format is useful for you. You can use this format if your work history is nill and want an entry-level job.

Combination Resume Format For Advocate

It is a mix of combination and functional resume format. The combination format stresses skills and leaves aside the details of past work. It showcases your skills along with work experience because you have a lot of experience in the same field.

A combination junior lawyer resume India sample format is useful to an advocate when he has experience in the relevant job role and wants to change the company. If you have strong negotiation skills and can persuade the recruiter, you can choose the combination format and get the job.

If your accomplishments and job duties in the previous job were similar to this job position, you can include them in your resume using a combination format. To succeed in your career path, this advocate CV format will help you.

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Who is an Advocate?

An Advocate is a professional who is well trained and has a license to guide and advise his clients that relate to legal matters and represent them all in the court. When an Advocate gets the training, he is popularly known as a barrister. Along with representing the clients in the court, an Advocate drafts legal documents and agreements that are useful in negotiating deals.

To become a professional Advocate, you need to be a law graduate and have a masters in the same too from a reputed university. After the, is a bar exam is taken and complete the other formalities. Once it is all done, you get the license to practice law in the court of your territory.

What To Write In A Advocate Resume in India

Following are the details that are important to include in an Advocate resume in India.

Areas Of Specialization

Several specialized areas are there for a law like civil and criminal litigation, and corporate and tax law. Advocates get proper training for these areas of law and they need to be efficient and proficient in a particular area.

Specialization gives a focus on Advocates in one area. For example, we say a particular person is a criminal Advocate that states that he is proficient in creating and signing legal documents of crimes.  Employers look for specialized areas for an Advocate vacancy to be filled up because an Advocate is more skilled in that area.

When you include your area of specialization in your resume, the recruiter gets to know that you are the right candidate for the job and he gives you the joining letter.

Practice Jurisdiction

You attend a law school to learn the law and then you have to practice law too. Therefore you must include the name and detail of the body from which you have practised common law. You will be an attractive candidate for the employer if you have practised jurisdiction from a reputed law school.

Write Experience As an Advocate

To include experience in Law is also important so that the recruiter knows that you know the job roles to play. While writing the job experience, explore the recruiter and the expectation from the job description. Since the law is a vast field, you must prioritize your experience and include it wisely. 

For a fresher Advocate, you can state your internship details and showcase them as experience and include the job roles to highlight legal skills.

Education Background

To be an Advocate, a bachelor’s degree is a must from a renowned law college. The minimum requirement is this degree. Employers usually ask for a bachelor’s degree, but if you have a master’s degree it is the cherry on the cake.

The master’s degree makes your resume worthy. LLM Advocates get jobs in managerial positions and as legal advisers in the companies. If you apply for such jobs, the job can be yours if you present your resume elegantly.

A master’s degree Advocate has more chances of getting a job in big and reputed companies.

Legal Skills

There is a basic difference between an ordinary and exceptional Advocate. You must include legal skills that you possess because they are important for an Advocate in India. The recruiter checks them before hiring the candidate.

Advocates with strong legal skills like research, procedures, laws and contracts are given jobs. Advocates must also write the soft skills they possess like communication skills, analytical and persuasion skills, customer service and critical thinking as well.

Make sure to include the relevant skills as stated in the job description so that you can get a call for an interview from the recruiter.

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How To Write A Resume For Lawyer In India

Follow the steps given below to create a resume Advocate in India.

Resume Header

The resume header is the first step that is important also. You have to include your name and personal details like contact number, address, and e-mail address. The contact number should be the one that is available to you every time. The recruiter might need it to give you a call for an interview and when you get the job as well.

You can also include the stat and present location in the CV Header of your Advocate resume so that the recruiter knows where you are posted at present. The information should be correct and applicable.

Resume Introduction

A resume introduction is the beginning of the Advocate biodata that starts with including the best points about yourself that the recruiter might like about you.

You can excite the recruiter and boost him to spend more time reading your resume so that he knows a bit about your career objective, resume summary and professional information. It is a very beneficial section of your resume that requires a proper listing of details.

Try to keep your resume introduction section short and impressive and state the important points nicely like your qualifications, skills and experience.

Education Details

The education details showcase your educational background. Include your school and college details, like the name of the institution, date and year of joining, date and year of leaving, marks scored, and skills gained.

While including your college details name the course undertaken along with the specialized area. Include the academic projects and internships done. The educational background that you state in your resume should be relevant to the job description. You can exclude extra details that do not relate to the job.

You must mention education details with the latest on top.

Work Experience

The experience section is a good opportunity to tell the recruiter that you are skilled and talented. State your work experience and mention the employer’s name and the duties you performed as a legal consultant in the company. This will help the recruiter judge you on the basics of your previous job.

Include the projects and their results in the job experience of your previous job.


There are several skills that an Advocate possesses but he must include only the ones that relate to the job description in his cv. You can create a separate skills section or include them in the experience and resume summary as well.

If there are skills that you want the recruiter to notice state them on top only.

What Lawyer Resume Templates Can I Get Here?

You can download the following Lawyer Resume Templates here in Microsoft Word file here.

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12Lawyer Resume

Tips To Write Lawyer Resume

Following are the tips that you must follow before you begin writing the Advocate resume in India.

Be Specific

The Advocate’s resume should be specific which means the employee reads only certain legal stuff that he is looking for. You need to stick to that only what he wants from you. Therefore you must highlight legal work details only in your CV.

Use Bullets 

Bullets are a formatting effect that is important to highlight your skills, achievements and experience. It is a way to attract the recruiter towards the stuff you include in your CV. It gives a professional look to the Biodata of Advocate and makes it more organized.

Quantify important data

To create a resume that gets you a job for sure, you must add numbers to quantify your achievements so that the recruiter can see them and need not spend more time looking for the important stuff. It will make the resume effective and give you a job.

Simple Language

The language of your resume should be easy so that it is quick to read. The use of active voice is recommended for an Advocate’s resume because it is time-saving for the recruiter. We recommend you use short and meaningful sentences that too are to the point.

Clearly state your education and other credentials

As an Advocate, it is important to include your education section that clearly defines your education details and the certification you have earned during your college completion or internships.

The law firms wish to see the legal practice certificate as well even though you have listed your experience. You must also include the state where your present job is located.

Therefore to make it clear to the recruiter, you should include your bar admission detail and educational background at the top of the education section.

If you are a fresher and don’t have experience because recently you have graduated, then you need not worry because law schools allow the students to study useful stuff that helps them present in law firms.

Well written Resume Intro

A well-written introduction can impress the recruiter at the beginning only and then it develops an interest to read the CV. A single mistake in the starting will stop the recruiter from reading your resume further.

Therefore you must follow the right legal terms to present your attorney documents in the resume. The main thing here is to know how to start an Advocate resume. In place of an introduction, the Advocates usually mention the profile summary but there is a difference between the two. The difference is in the length of job experience.

If you are a fresher in the field, you should highlight your qualifications and convey to the recruiter that you are well qualified for the post. You can exhibit your motivation level and ready to face new challenges attitude.

Use Action Verbs

The best way to showcase your qualities and abilities is to use action verbs. The experience that you have as a barrister, can be stated using action verbs so that it is easy to interpret.

The action verbs help you highlight that your resume is better than the others present over there. You can also state a list of duties and responsibilities from your previous job in your resume if they relate to your present job position.

Example Resume For Advocate
  • Name/ Contact/Address
  • Professional Summary
  • Educational Details
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
What is a great Advocate Resume Example?

Indian Advocate resume samples that are well written are examples of good advocate resume in India. You can explore our advocate resume samples and create one for yourself.

The best advocate resume is the one that is

Professionally written

The job history, skills and profile summary are taken very seriously by the recruiters therefore they should be professionally written and you can check out our professional updated latest templates of advocate resume.

Format Guidance

The barrister resume format in India focuses on your job history and achievement at the workplace regarding the legal matters as stated in our samples. The freshers can utilize the functional resume format to exhibit their abilities and the ones who have experienced a lot of years can choose the hybrid resume format for fresher advocate.

Advocate Resume Template

The latest templates of advocate resumes suggest that you should use a resume that is classic in style. Our resume showcases a clean and basic structure, that shows your professionalism.

It helps the recruiter to find the information quickly that they want by looking at the resume of Advocate designs.

Skills For Advocate Resume In India

The important skills that a legal adviser needs to possess to get a job in a company seeking law advisors are below mentioned.

Although the skills are included in the job description that the recruiter demands and you can include them in your CV if you have them but I am listing a few hard and soft skills as well.

Hard Skills

  • Legal data Examination
  • Contract Management
  • Witness interviewing
  • Client Interviewing
  • Juror Selection

Soft Skills

  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Reading the case
Frequently Asked Questions On Advocate Resume Format India
What is the Resume application for an advocate?

Well, the resume application document for an Advocate is a resume that you can use to get the job of your choice. Your resume application should consist of several sections that include a header, profile summary, experience, education, skills, reference and declaration statement. You can fill in these details according to your level and job description and appear for the interview.

What should be the CV for applying to the post of additional advocate general?

The CV for applying for the post of the advocate general is the resume that you can use to fill the credentials for the job. It should include all the relevant information that the recruiter wants to check in your resume. Make your CV worth reading and use our designs of the latest advocate resume.

How can I prepare a resume for the job of legal consultant with a reputed legal firm?

You can prepare the resume for a job of legal consultant with a legal firm by using the right Advocate resume format in India that will help you create your CV according to the experience, skills and credentials you have. On our website you can get a lot of information regarding the resume samples of Advocates that you can modify for your purpose.

What to write in the CV of a legal representative?

The CV of a legal representative should include all the important sections of a resume that are header, personal details, profile summary, objective, education, work experience, skills, reference and declaration. You can also include your achievements and accolades in the CV.

What to include in a Bank Legal Advisor Resume?

If you want to write a bank legal advisor resume you can check out the indian advocate resume format doc on our website and choose the one that matches your choice. By choice here, I mean the work experience, skills and educational background.

How To Write In A CV For A Law Firm?

You can write a law CV in India using the best Advocate resume template on our website. We have the advocate resume format word that includes important sections that are best for you to present in the CV of a law firm.

How To Write A Law CV?

If you are appearing for an interview in a law firm you can prepare for it and leave the stress of resume building on our website. We shall provide you with several of the latest law resume templates that are designed for your use. You will just have to put in your details according to skills and job experience.

How can I prepare a resume for the job of legal consultant with a reputed legal firm?

If you want to prepare a resume for a legal consultant job, you need to add a few sections that are important to present your information in the resume. The sections include header, professional summary, experience, objective, education details, accolades, skills and references. If you need further assistance and want ready to share your resume for a lawyer, download it from our website.

Where can I get the sample CV for applying for the job of a legal advisor?

You can create the CV yourself when you are applying for the post of a legal adviser. You can check our samples and articles related to resumes for a lawyer and create one. We also allow you to download a lawyer's resume from our website in a few seconds only.

I want to know what should I mention in my resume for legal advisor post?

The legal adviser resume is easy to write. It includes all important sections like personal details, profiles summary, objective or work experience, skills, education, achievements and reference. If you face any problem to write your resume you can simply download it from our website in a moment.

How to make resume for advocate?

To make a resume for an advocate, include relevant legal experience and education, highlight relevant skills such as research, communication, and negotiation, and tailor the resume to the specific job posting or employer.

What to mention in resume for advocate with 2 year experience?

In a resume for an advocate with 2 years of experience, mention relevant legal experience, such as case management and research, as well as any specialized knowledge or certifications. Highlight strong communication, negotiation, and analytical skills, and tailor the resume to the specific job posting or employer.

Can volunteer legal work be included in an advocate's resume, and how should it be presented?

Yes, volunteer legal work can be included in an advocate's resume, and should be presented in a similar format to paid legal work experience. Highlight specific tasks and responsibilities, as well as any outcomes or accomplishments achieved.

How can an advocate highlight their passion for social justice and advocacy work on their resume?

An advocate can highlight their passion for social justice and advocacy work by including any relevant volunteer or pro bono experience, as well as any related coursework or education. They can also include a summary statement that highlights their values and commitment to these issues.

Should an advocate include their litigation experience on their resume, even if it's not relevant to the job posting?

It is generally recommended to include litigation experience on an advocate's resume, as it demonstrates a broad range of legal skills and experience. However, if it's not relevant to the job posting, it can be listed lower down on the resume.

What are some unique skills an advocate can highlight on their resume?

Some unique skills an advocate can highlight include legal research, advocacy and negotiation skills, cross-cultural communication, public speaking, and experience with alternative dispute resolution methods.

How can an advocate showcase their commitment to professional development on their resume?

An advocate can showcase their commitment to professional development by including any relevant training or certifications they have earned, as well as any memberships in professional organizations. They can also highlight any speaking engagements or presentations they have given.

Should an advocate include their GPA or class rank on their resume?

It is generally not necessary to include GPA or class rank on an advocate's resume, unless specifically requested by the employer or if it is a recent graduate.

How important is it for an advocate to have experience with legal technology and software, and should it be listed on the resume?

It is becoming increasingly important for advocates to have experience with legal technology and software, and it should be listed on the resume if relevant to the job posting. Examples of relevant software may include Westlaw, LexisNexis, or e-discovery software.

How can an advocate highlight their experience working with diverse populations on their resume?

An advocate can highlight their experience working with diverse populations by highlighting specific examples of cross-cultural communication, language proficiency, or work with marginalized communities. They can also include any relevant volunteer or pro bono work in this area.

How can an advocate demonstrate their ability to manage a caseload on their resume?

An advocate can demonstrate their ability to manage a caseload by highlighting specific examples of case management, including client communication, legal research, and court appearances. They can also highlight any software or tools they have used to manage their workload.

Should an advocate include personal interests or hobbies on their resume?

Personal interests or hobbies can be included on an advocate's resume if they are relevant to the job posting or demonstrate specific skills, such as leadership, teamwork, or creative thinking. However, they should be listed at the bottom of the resume and not take up too much space.

Can an advocate include their involvement in political campaigns on their resume?

Yes, an advocate can include their involvement in political campaigns on their resume, as it can demonstrate their commitment to social justice and advocacy work. However, it should be presented in a professional manner and should not be overly partisan.

How can an advocate showcase their ability to work under pressure on their resume?

An advocate can showcase their ability to work under pressure by highlighting specific examples of high-stress situations, such as high-profile cases or urgent client needs. They can also highlight any time management or organization skills they have used to manage their workload effectively.

Should an advocate include career objective for resume for fresher lawyer?

Yes, an advocate can include a summary statement or objective on their resume to highlight their experience and skills. This statement should be tailored to the specific job posting and should demonstrate the advocate's commitment to social justice and advocacy work.

How can an advocate showcase their ability to work collaboratively on their resume?

An advocate can showcase their ability to work collaboratively by highlighting specific examples of teamwork, such as working on a legal team or collaborating with community organizations. They can also highlight any leadership or communication skills used to facilitate collaboration.

What are some unique certifications or training an advocate can include on their resume?

Some unique certifications or training an advocate can include on their resume include certifications in alternative dispute resolution methods, specialized legal training in a specific area of law, or training in cultural competency and diversity.

How important is it for an advocate to showcase their writing skills on their resume?

Writing skills are important for an advocate, as legal writing is a critical aspect of the job. An advocate can showcase their writing skills by including specific examples of legal writing, such as briefs or memos, as well as any relevant coursework or education in legal writing. They can also highlight any publications or articles they have written.